Gimme Something To Watch: Odin’s Afterbirth


Get your fix of blood, sweat, tears and unorthodox Norse mythology in this 14-minute animated film.

Odin’s Afterbirth is a short animated film by Joseph Bennett that tells the story of a norse warrior named Erik – or Eric? I’m gonna go with the K here – and his struggle to defend his family from supernatural pillagers.

The grotesque drawings of Bennet give life to a perhaps even more disgusting world, in which our saviors are nowhere to be found. This type of barely anatomical animation I hold very close to my heart, for it reminds me of the cartoons I would watch on MTV Brasil or on late night cable as a kid. The art really shines when it comes to depicting the outlandish creatures that plague Erik’s universe. Even more, perhaps due to the unrealistic features of the characters, the emotional tone of the story bears even more heft – as an absurd situation elicits very real and very human emotions.

The direction is also phenomenal, with the action sequences being exciting and stylish, something that I crave. The score is well done and adds a lot to the immersion aspect, but I sure wouldn’t mind hearing some Bathory or Primordial here and there. Maybe on another chapter, since the credits hint that there’s more to come.

I really hope there is.

Be sure to check out Joseph Bennett’s Vimeo & Twitter accounts, as well as his official website if you dig.

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