TMP: Astronoid, Downfall of Gaia, Saint Vitus, and More!


It da news.

Astronoid rules so hard.

Proggy death dudes from India, Orchid, have a new minute.

New Downfall of Gaia, a band that I can never remember if I like or not.

New from Rotting Christ.

  • A doom fest in London in 2019 taking shape.
  • Motherfuggin Moon Tooth released a mini-doc with some snippets of music. Sounds so good.
  • New Overkill expected soon, album out in February.
  • Some slam from Abominable Putridity.
  • Bands announced for next year’s Psycho Las Vegas.
  • Unique Leader Records founder Erik Lindmark passed away.
  • Saint Vitus are back in the studio, here’s tour info too.
  • The first track from new Malevolent Racism is out.
  • New death metal from Bleeding Utopia.
  • Hm. Hatebreed is touring with Obituary, Cro-Mags, Terror, Fit For an Autopsy.
  • New single from Jinjer.
  • Primitive Man and Hell are splitting a split.
  • Azaghal video that is neue.
  • Children of Bodom announce “Hexed”, an early contender for most hideous album art 2019.
  • New Sirenia.
  • New Corroded, album out in January.
  • New Callejon, (scroll down for English version).
  • Beast In Black is back with a track.
  • Rhapsody of Fire dropped a track, album out in February.
  • For I Am King, album out Friday.
  • Cradle of Filth,Wednesday 13, Raven Black North American tour.
  • Aversions Crown, Psycroptic, Within Destruction European tour.
  • Avantasia North American tour.
  • Founding bassist Peter Baltes left Accept.
  • High on Fire North American tour.
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