Sunday Sesh: Your Fave Albums That “Sucked”


When do you think everyone else got it wrong? Is it time for some second opinions?

A couple of weeks ago I posed this question to some of the very cool and smart motherflushers in the TovH group

Which albums do you think were unfairly regarded/maligned (for whatever reason) and perhaps deserve reappraisal?

I’d been on a big Ulcerate binge that week, and amidst the all atonal caterwauling and scathing sonic abrasion I realised their 2013 effort Vermis had lured me deeper into its miasmatic vortex than I’d ever previously ventured. Over the years Vermis has regularly been cited as the band’s least outstanding work. Sure, being directly compared to the rest of such a strong discography is tough, and people typically only deign listening to Vermis to reinforce the oft-cited superiority of Everything Is Fire or The Destroyers Of All, but I think it’s time we reassessed this record. And yeah, I agree, the latter two are definitely the band’s top-tier albums, if someone asked for the quintessential Ulcerate album, I’d pick one of those. However, ignoring Vermis is a mistake.


Most of the complaints I’ve seen for this record pertain to its alleged homogeneity; an assessment I’d agree with to an extent. While the band’s usual dynamic range on display, from the crushing almost mechanical wall-of-sound oppression, to the cold post-apocalyptic minimalism, there aren’t as many singular mind-blowing moments to pinpoint. But rather than deride this as a weakness, I think if given more immersion time, Vermis‘ consistency becomes one of its strengths. There is not single moment during its 50 odd minute run-time that could be considered weak by anyone with a fully functioning brain. Most bands of the style can go their whole career without creating something as simultaneously complex and cohesive as Ulcerate manage on Vermis, yet many overlook it simply because of an undeserved reputation.

Anyway, that’s my contribution. Here are some of the albums the group think you should ignore the critical consensus on and give a second shot. As I did not ask them for permission to post their views, I’ve redacted their full names to protect their identity.

Morbid Angel – Heretic

BS – “Mix sucks, no bass, too much flanger” fuck outta here, listen to that fucking riff for ‘Beneath The Hollow’. Also Mithras wouldn’t exist without this.

Ghoulgotha – To Starve The Cross

Sepulcrustacean – A lot of people weren’t super hot on Ghoulgotha (along with making the most questionable comparisons when reviewing them; how the fuck do they sound anything like Down or Necros Christos?) but it struck me as odd when they complained about the atonality then they were probably jacking off to dissotonal stuff Gorguts and Ad Nauseam or even Coma Cluster Void style skronk.

Boris – New Album

DD – Just because it’s not Melvins worship does not mean that there aren’t some real strong songs on here, imo

Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay

KB – This got a lukewarm reaction from a lot of people and idk it’s borderline perfect to me.

Kreator – Endorama

UE – Love this album.

Revocation – Revocation

Oh hi, it’s me again. Aside from the Teratogenesis EP, I 100% consider this to be their most accomplished work. I will die upon this hill.

Carcass – Heartwork

CD – It took me a few years to warm up to it back in the day but it’s a great and logical follow up to Necroticism. I talk to lots of people today that just pass it over and don’t give it the attention it’s worth because it isn’t another Symphonies.

Dismember – Hate Campaign

Scrimm – Don’t get the dislike for this one at all.

So there are a bunch of our picks, now it’s your turn. Which albums do you think deserve reappraisal? Let’s hear them in the comments below.

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