Gutalax – Shitbusters: A Video Breakdown


Who ya gunna call?

Death. War. Politics. Sadness. Being a vampire or something. These are the usual themes that metal bands tend to use when writing songs and crafting their image. Not Czech goregrind band Gutalax. Oh, no. They do not focus on such heady topics. They focus on something much deeper and darker within us all. Gutalax is shit metal. Literally. Their songs are about feces. Doody. Ca-ca. Labonte brains. What better place than the Toilet Ov Hell to break down their latest music video?

*This is obviously going to be gross, so fair warning.*



“On the next episode of the I Hope You Suffer podcast…”


Actual footage of someone posting “I thought this was a metal blog” on our Facebook comments.


This is how I feel every time I have to dress for a wedding.


Men’s Rights Activists: The Gif


Guest-starring in a shit-themed band’s video? It was the role Jontron was born to play.


Pledge Week at Ohio State.


T.P. Cannon sounds like the name of an indie wrestler that AEW would sign.


Forced delousing should be mandatory at all metal shows.


I’m just casually remembering all the time, money, and effort spent getting my college degree. No particular reason.


I don’t know if this song is for a new album. In the meantime, stick your head in a toilet and flush.


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