Sinsaenum – “Ashes”: A Video Breakdown


Sinsaenum in the membrane. Sinsaenum in the brain!

It’s been a long and winding road since drummer Joey Jordison left Slipknot. I can imagine how hard it must be to leave or be kicked out of (depending on whose story you believe) one of the biggest bands in metal today. Throw in a neurological disease and one would definitely understand if Jordison decided to hang up the double-bass pedal and called it a day.

Rather than just waiting out the days in a Slipknot jumpsuit while tending a corn field in Iowa, Jordison has formed a few bands since his departure. The results vary. Scar The Martyr, featuring Henry Derek formerly of Lilitu and currently Act of Defiance, released one album before splitting. The band soon reformed sans Derek under the name Vimic. If that wasn’t enough, Jordison has another band by the name of Sinsaenum.

The band, featuring Jordison on drums, Attila Csihar of Mayhem on vocals, Sean Z of Daath on vocals, and Frédéric Leclercq of Dragonforce on guitars, could easily be labeled a “supergroup”. Whearas a bunch of recent metal supergroups seem to put out one album, go on one tour, and disappear forever, Sinsaenum have already released one full-length and are now on their third EP. Let’s see if their video for their new song “Ashes” lives up to the hype.

0:06: That feeling when you want to spit out jam, but then decide “Nah, bro, this is pretty good jam.”
0:09: Special appearance by Hellyeah’s album art.
0:14: Sinsaenum always flame-broils they songs.
0:20: “Yeah, can I get two Sinsaenum whoppers, a large curly fry, and Riff Shake?”
0:29: Ugh, another Tough Mudder ad.
0:36: I hope he stretched properly. Don’t want to pull a hammy while running for your life.
0:43: “Heard you boys like Trees N Shit metal.”
0:52: Freud would have a field day with this video.
1:01: Basically, everything would be considered dongs.
1:17: Shaking the camera is easier than having stuff happen in your video.
1:25: Gimme a “T”!
1:34: That’s a one-way trip to Athlete’s Foot.
1:44: Come on, Predator. Where are you?
1:58: Heavy Merol Brain Freeze Face.
2:03: Welcome To Taco John’s!
2:14: I’m beginning to think the band isn’t going to show up in this video.
2:22: Or anyone else for that matter.
2:30: Invest in a neck pillow, dude.
2:48: This entire video is just going to be this guy running in the woods and freaking out, isn’t it?
3:00: It probably would have been easier and cheaper just to make a lyric video for this song.
3:13: A picture of the album art with the song playing on top of it would have been just as good.
3:25: His mind is like an ocean: filled with fish crap and plastic bags.
3:34: Their radar has been…jammed!
3:41: Now I feel like watching Slither.
3:55: The ravages of puberty.
4:07: This is what happens when you stay on Twitter too long.
4:18: There was a serious lack of ashes in this video.
4:24: Band members too.

Sinsaenum’s EP Ashes is out on November 10th via Ear Music.

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