Psychosexual – Devil From Hell: A Video Breakdown


Well, yeah, where else would the devil be from?

The long wait is over. We finally have music from Jeremy Spencer’s Psychosexual. We had some before, but the band attempted to nuke their presence on the internet to make sure it can be seen, but no longer heard. Luckily, nature finds a way and in the age of the internet, nothing can truly stay dead. Psychosexual’s early music could be described as “incredibly horny pop industrial” which, if we’re being honest, is an apt description for must industrial music. Devil Daddy didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but the heavy usage of gimmicks, costumes, and the long, aggro shadow of Five Finger Death Punch may have been too much for The Psychosexuals to handle. Now they’re back with a new sound and a new music video. Let’s break it down.



Is this the new Danzig movie?


You can practically smell the cotton candy-flavored vape.


That cymbal has been slathered with Hot Ones Last Dab sauce.


Well that escalated quickly.


I feel like this is how most Psychosexual shows end.


Hi Ho Silver!


That’s not the only body part that burns.


Just in case you forgot that this was a Psychosexual video.


“That’s what you get for making me be in a music video during a pandemic.”


He’s like Indiana Jones, but with less education and more gonorrhea.


Psychosexual’s new album Unholy Hymns From The Children is out on May 14th. Wear a condom.

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