This Toilet Tuesday (5/9/17)


It’s Tuesday, and apparently we still haven’t made all the music yet. As such, we still need your help listening to the billions of new albums released every day, lest a sweet riff should go unnoticed. DumpsterLung and I grabbed a couple for you to check out; return the favor and let us know what else is worth our attention.

Sabbath Assembly – Rites of Passage (Svart Records) [Weird Doom]
Listen to “Angels Trumpets”

Sabbath Assembly has been an interesting band to watch over the last few years. They made the transition from “metal-adjacent”to being more widely accepted as “metal” with the last album, and from the couple of songs that have been premiered so far, it’s safe to say they seem to be continuing down that path with a combination of doom and psychedelia with a haunting atmosphere. Okay, so that combination of things isn’t exactly novel, especially not the last handful of years, but Sabbath Assembly have always seemed the most convincing to me of that occult rock revival, perhaps based on the fact that they worked hymns from an actual ’60s cult into the songs for their first few albums, so there was some real context and substance lyrically beyond stringing together a handful of occult words. Having Jamie Myers (ex-Hammers of Misfortune) on vocals and Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts and Dysrhythmia fame doesn’t hurt either. Anyway, I’ve found all their work enjoyable so far, especially the last few albums, and I expect this one will be no exception. 5/12/17 (DumpsterLung)

White Ward – Futility Report (Independent) [Post-Black Metal]

Another post-black metal band, huh? Before you go judging by the genre-descriptor alone, just wait a second and give this one a spin. It’s got saxophone! Even if you’re not a sucker for sax in your metal like I am, give these guys a chance. The songwriting is really varied and interesting. Sure, there are those distinctly post-metal tremolo sections you’d expect from any band labeled as such, but there’s a healthy dose of morose doom, dashes of more straight-up black metal, and beautiful guitar, some of which feels borrowed more from the melodeath scene. The saxophone is neither used too intrusively nor so sparingly as to feel like a either a gimmick or an afterthought, and it compliments everything nicely. There are even a couple very brief stints of that Aphex Twin-esque drumming like something from one of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s more experimental moments. In short, I heard one song from this back around the end of March, and I pre-ordered it then and there. I forgot about that today, and nearly ordered a 2nd copy, but thankfully I remembered just in the nick of time, so now there’s one more copy of this out there for you to snatch up, and I’d urge you to do so. 5/12/17 (DumpsterLung)

Ensnared – Dysangelium (Dark Descent/Invictus) [Death Metal]

I’ve been riding high on the death metal boom we’ve been experiencing over the past year or so (Starspawn finally clicked with me and I can’t stop listening to it, send help), and its momentum is maintained by the newest release from Ensnared. Do you like your death metal with a side of thrash and more than a hint of black metal? Then get on this ASAP. Dysangelium‘s riffs are fast and relentless, carrying an occult vibe and accompanied by wah-drenched solos. And don’t worry about the abundance of “interlude” tracks on here; they’re far more than just filler. All-around good stuff. 5/12/17 (Spear)

Ajattara – Lupaus (Svart Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Ave Satana”

Akroma – Apocalypse [Requiem] (Fantai’Zic Productions) [Symphonic Black Metal]

Amentia – Scourge (Satanath Records) [Prog/Tech Death]
Listen to “Slow Decay”

Ankor – Beyond the Silence of These Years (Rock Records) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Lost Soul”

Antropofagus – M.O.R.T.E. – Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration (Comatose Music) [Tech/Brutal Death]
Listen to “Spawn of Chaos,” “The Abyss,” “Chants for Abyzou”

Apocalypse Orchestra – The End Is Nigh (Despotz Records) [Folk/Doom]
Listen to “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” “Flagellants’ Song”

Assault – The Fallen Reich (Transcending Obscurity) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Ghettos,” “The Fallen Reich”

Battle Hag – Tongue of the Earth (Transylvanian Tapes) [Death/Doom]

Black Harvest – Attrition (Independent) [Progressive Melodeath]
Listen to “Attrition”

Blood Oath – The Line Between (Machalia Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Putrid Mind”

Caïna/Cara Neir – Caïna/Cara Neir (split- Broken Limbs Recordings) [Black Metal]

Desire for Sorrow – Visions (MetalGate) [Symphonic Black Metal]
Listen to “Army of the Dying”

Diphenylchloroarsine – Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation (Rotten Music) [Slameron Diaz]
Listen to “Exaspirations of Monstrous Miscreations”

Heavy Justice – And So We Fall… (Independent) [Heavy/Speed Metal]
Listen to “Davy Jones”

Hibagọn – Polyposmic (WOOAAARGH) [Prog/Doom]
Listen to “Hypnoyak”

Iberian Wolves – Hasta el último aliento (Desperta Ferro Records) [Blackened Folk Metal]
Listen to “El Quijote”

Jupiter – Tears of the Sun (Zeno Records) [Power Metal/Melodeath]
Listen to “Guilty As Sin”

Kin Beneath Chorus – Invia (Straight from the Heart Records) [Metalcore]
Listen to “Invia”

Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail I (Napalm Records) [Heavy Metal]

Lucifer’s Dungeon – The Dark Army Raises (Grimm Distribution) [Black Metal]

Lyceum – Vengeance (Independent) [Melodeath]

Lying Figures – The Abstract Escape (Naturmacht Productions) [Death/Doom]

Magnacult – Infinitum (Graviton Music Services) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Schwatt Matt,” “Righteous Murder”

Merchant – Beneath (Black Bow Records) [Sludge]

Mirrors of Obsidian – From One Form (Independent) [Progressive Death Metal]
Listen to “The Core”

Mountains Crave – As We Were When We Were Not (Avantgarde Music) [Black Metal]

Opus Diaboli – Black Light of Destruction (Satanath Records) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Luciferian Black Light”

Primordium – Old Gods (Rising Records) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Nuit”

Pure – J’aurais dû (Symbol of Domination) [Black Metal]
Listen to “Je tuerais le monde pour ta lumière”

Rise and Shine – In the Shadow (Primitive Art Records) [Heavy Metal/Doom]
Listen to “Bring Me The Fire”

Sacred Oath – Twelve Bells (Angel Throne) [Power Thrash]
Listen to “Twelve Bells,” “Demon Ize”

Sacrificial Slaughter – Generation of Terror (Horror Pain Gore Death) [Death Metal]
Listen to “Meticulous Abomination”

Serenius – Cocoon (Doweet Records) [Melodeath]
Listen to “Animal,” “Identity”

Sinorma – Love like… (Independent) [Groove Metal]
Listen to “Love like a fat pig”

Stone Cadaver – Reject Remove Replace (LongLife Records) [Doom]

Summoner – Beyond the Realm of Light (Magnetic Eye Records) [Doom]
Listen to “New Sun”

Voice of Ruin – Purge and Purify (Tenacity Music) [Melodeath]

Voyager – Ghost Mile (Independent) [Prog Metal]
Listen to “Misery is Only Company,” “Ghost Mile”

Did we forget a new release? Is there a way we could improve this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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