10 Questions for the Guy That Pissed on a Family at a Metallica Concert


Sad but True.

Daniel Daddio of Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested last Friday at a Metallica concert in Glendale, Arizona. The reason? He is accused of urinating on the man, wife, and child seated in front of him at the University of Phoenix stadium during the performance. Of all the things to expect at a Metallica show (price gouging, spotty drumming, YEAH-AH’s!), I wouldn’t expect to get pissed on by a drunk middle aged man. Perhaps I’m just naive. Regardless, this incident has left me with ten questions for the alleged piss taker.

1. Peeing on people a pretty strange thing to do. Were you simply trying to save James Hetfield from another pyro incident but simply unable to reach him with your stream?

2. Was this a situation where had to go so bad that Nothing Else Matters?

3. Did you not notice the family in front of you before you? Was the child an Invisible Kid?

4. How much booze did you have to swallow to get drunk enough to simply not care that you were pissing on a 10-year old girl?

5. Are you thankful that the father of the child you peed on didn’t lose his mind and get arrested for Battery?

6. You were arrested at 9:40 PM. Given how long it takes cops to do anything, we can assume you pissed on the family at like 9. What time did you start binge drinking in order to get piss ass wasted enough to urinate on a family by 9 PM?

7. Stadium shows are notorious for overpriced beers. Last one I went to had Bud Lite priced at $13/bottle. How could you afford to purchase enough booze to get so drunk that you thought it was a good idea to simply unhitch your britches, whip out your junk, and spray pee all over a family of three?

8. Are you concerned that, as a 44 year old man accused of pissing on a family, a judge might find you Unforgiven?

9. Do you think your actions that night were more scarring to a young child than Lars’ nipple rings?

10. What in the fuck is wrong with you?

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