Toilet Radio 258 – TMFR Can’t Be Stopped (We Keep Trying)


The themes of the week: Corey Taylor has a solo project. WOOF / Breno’s Chinese phone is now illegal / Our favorite Rhode Island band KINGSMEN makes a face-turn by exposing a parasitic pay-to-play promoter doing an illegal pay-to-pay show during a pandemic. If you really wanna go, it’s been relocated to New Hampshire / What’s worse than a small time music parasite? A BIG TIME music parasite! We’re talkin’ bout Spotify CEO Daniel Ek talkin’ bout how bands need to operate to grease the wheel of content so they can collect a dollar for every 259 streams / The most popular podcasts in the nation that aren’t ours. I assume that we’ll hit that list next year.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
HavukruunuUinuos Syömein Sota

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