Flush It Friday: Uh…. I Moved Again?


Haha, the dog is sniffing its own butt.

For the third time since 2021, I have moved to a new apartment. Fortunately, this move was far less traumatic than the move in 2022, and I’m hoping less of what turned out to be a disaster (not my fault) than 2021 turned out to be. We’re stoked about this! Things are good! But I am so very tired. I didn’t even have time this week to think of some band or some genre from the past to wax poetic about. Or even really have time to read anything, other than one chapter a day of EO Wilson’s Half Earth. I’ve just been… moving. Boxing and unboxing. Getting rid of shit. Accumulating new shit. Coming back to a part of the city I lived in for 10 years. And it’s so hot out all the time.

So I guess let’s… rate the last six movies I watched during this crazy-ass last week?

Swiss Army Man: 4/5 Farting Corpses
Moneyball: 3.5/5 Keep The Athletics In Oaklands
The Idea of You: 1/5 Millennial Boyband Fantasies
The Intern: 4/5 Magical Avuncular De Niros
Something’s Gotta Give: 4/5 Keanu in Scrubs
Love & Other Drugs: 3/5 Watching Your Own Brother’s Porno Tapes

There! That’s gonna have to suffice before we Flush.

The Monday No. Show with Stick! This Toilet Tuesday with a guest appearance from Spear!

Jake hit the new 200 Stab Wounds 4.5/5 dab goons. Read the review and take a listen.

Review: 200 Stab Wounds – Manual Manic Procedures

The Professor is back with 10 choice cuts from South America at the mid-year mark. Always such cool stuff to discover.

Mid-Year Round Up: 10 Notable South American Metal Albums

Toilet Radio ep. 504 dunks on Capulet Fest after Capulet Fest dunked on itself. Or so I assume. You know I didn’t listen.

Toilet Radio 504 – Bite Thy Thumb at Capulet Fest

Brock wrote about all of Hans‘s favourite bands in this death/doom catch-up (or is it catsup?) post. Absolutely wild riffage within.

Did You Miss These Death Doom Releases?

I hit us with the latest track from Diskord. The Pother was cogged, if you know what I mean. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Diskord’s “Cogged Pother”

Here I Go(M) Again On My Own with a sick track premiere from Void Witch. More death/doom for Hans!

Exclusive Track Premiere: Void Witch’s “Second Demon”

What a week in the Bowl! Make sure you go back and read through the posts, highlight some albums and tracks you’re diggin’ and let us know down below. Share those GBUs. Hope that your 4th of July was whatever you wanted it to be. I drank a lot of wine and won a lot of money playing poker. Like a patriot. Kisses, my dear friends!

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