Toilet Radio 400 – Damn You, Danzig


This week on Toilet Radio: We went out to see some shows. Jordo checked out Blitz Kid and Joe went to see The Misfits and Mercyful Fate. We’re talking horror punk, Fear, Alice Cooper (feat. the monstrous Kane Roberts), Danzig’s continued failure, the delightful Kreator, and the unbeatable King Diamond. OTHER TOPICS: Marty Friedman’s war on Cap’n Crunch, The Sword calls it quits, Metallica selling dog turds, Ozzy’s virtual (read: not real) metaverse performance, Jon Schaffer going into hiding, and the upcoming midterms disaster. Folks, it’s good to be back and it’s also a good one.

Music featured on this week’s show:
Kreator – Strongest of the Strong

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