Haken’s New EP Looks Back


Mega-prog warriors Haken are releasing an EP of reworked older material! Guest starring some people that you might like, or whatever.

While we’re not technically in the realm of the Toilet here, there’s plenty of overlapping between prog and metal. If you haven’t heard Haken but you like to go on journeys through faraway worlds made entirely out of sound waves and light, then pick up their masterful 2013 album, The Mountain.

Haken has announced the release of a the Restoration EP that will recast three tunes from their 2008 demo, Enter the 5th Dimension. The idea of the band revisiting old material is bound to excite fanboys across the world, but with a band that has developed and progressed as much as Haken has, this is sure to be an exciting trip. They’ve also announced that Pete Rinaldi and Mike Portnoy will make guest appearances on the EP, specifically on the 19-minute track “Crystallised.” With three song titles that aren’t on the original demo, it sounds like these songs are going to be reimagined entirely. A band like Haken is sure to make this venture worthwhile, and I can’t wait to hear what those crazy Brits have come up with. If I were a gambling man, I would bet that “Darkest Light” is the updated version of “Blind,” “Earthling” is the updated version of “Souls,” and “Crystallised” is going to be the new “Snow.” Let’s all laugh at how wrong I am when this thing drops on October 27th via InsideOut Music. Keep your eyes open for preorders, and jam this YouTube playlist of the demo until then!

Oh, and they also announced they’re working on their fourth album, too. Not a bad day for Haken.

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