News And New Music Roundup: HIgh On Fire, Children of Bodom, Carnalation And More!


Included in this post: Jams, hams, a hot spoon, and news.

NOT included in this post: Beargod’s trademarked opinions.

Minneapolis post-metal stalwarts Lungs are readying the impending release of their first full-length record, As Dust Reaches The Earth. Stream the absolute banger of an opening track below, “Call to the Giants”, then preorder the CD before its June 30th release date. The song sounds just as immense as its title since, in case anyone was wondering, the giants actually do respond to their call. – HessianHunter


Just a while ago, a deathgrind patrol known as Carnalation finally dropped a new song from their upcoming EP, Ghosts, out on the 12th of this month. Carnalation has been quiet for a little too long, and hopefully Ghosts kicks some life into them tour-wise too. They’ve stated the EP will be something more than just straightforward-grinding-death which is a little backward because an EP would have been a perfect medium for that, whereas their debut album was exactly that and as an album could have used a few twists. Anyways, stream the new song below and check an older one above. This one definitely has a very different feel than the one above, but also is oddly familiar. A job well done, that is to say.


Hey you! Yes, you! Get on with it! I mean, did you know that you can listen to a new High on Fire song from their upcoming album Luminiferous? Well you can, right here. It’s called “Sunless Years” and it sounds pretty violent. Actually after “Slave The Hive” and “The Black Spot” I am starting to think HoF is mostly playing to their violent side on this album. This is not to say that they have given up on their stoner/sludge side; it’s still audible and is especially reminiscent in the way the songs feel. Nevertheless I don’t really know how to feel about this. None of the songs we’ve heard have been bad, but I’d like to hear them do their more sludge-riff-fest-kinda-thing too.


Children of Bodom have parted ways with their guitarist Roope Latvala. I always enjoy saying this, but I told you so. According to rumours (treat them as such) I’ve heard he didn’t exactly have a problem keeping up with younger Alexi when it came to drinking, and he is getting in on that age thing. Plus, more importantly, Alexi stated everybody agreed Roope wasn’t 100% in it anymore. This is probably not because of the age difference but because around the time Halo of Blood-sessions started or so he said in an interview that the second guitar stuff (which he plays) is mainly uninteresting. Jokingly he added he should ask Alexi to write more interesting stuff for both guitars. My guess is, he didn’t. Anyway, this could be a good thing seeing as the newly reunited speed metal legends Stone (in here they’re legends from the times when heavy metal started to gain some notice in Finland) have more time on their hands now, and a new album suddenly doesn’t seem like an impossibility. Especially since the vocalist/bassist Janne Joutsenniemi’s schedule would seem to open up too as Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset, one of Finland’s foremost rock/pop-bands of recent times is entering a hiatus too, due to frontman Mr. Ylppö participating in the reunion of his metal band Maj Karma. Meanwhile, CoB has taken Janne Wirman’s brother Antti as their second guitarist. Although he will only play the summer gigs, the rest is open, and Alexi will play all guitar parts on their upcoming album. Interested parties may recall Antti Wirman from Warmen with his brother.

Above I have linked Stone’s best known song. It comes from their debut, after which they became progressively more technical and… well, progressive. Below is the title song of their last album and the culmination of their growth.


  • Dodecahedron entered studio and begun recording their new album. I have heard a wild rumour someone here actually finished their previous album. /jk I don’t think I’ve ever even tried to listen to it. /jk (or is it)
  • Johanna Warren just released a new video for “True Colors” (NSFW).
  • Skinless is streaming their new album Only The Ruthless Remain here. The album is considerably more OSDM than before and that may or may not be a good thing.
  • A new song was also released by Scythian; you can hear it here.
  • A new teaser for the song “To Mourn Job” was posted by AHAB. It’s so fast I can’t even.
  • It’s so goddamn hot I’ve begun to melt.
  • Ne Obliviscaris released a new video for “Curator“.
  • Pumpkin-Baby approved Cave of Swimmers released a new video. It’s called “The Prince Of The Power Of The Air“.
  • Myrkur is releasing an album in August. There’s a new track. I listened to it. You don’t have to. Please don’t, it blows and sucks at the same time. Or rather, it’s not as painful and bland as the EP, it’s just so. Goddamn. Average. Bland. And. Frustratingly ungood.


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