TMP: My Dying Bride, Insect Ark, Northwest Terror Fest, and More!


Also, pretty much every band announced they are releasing a new album this year and I didn’t take note of any of them.

New track from My Dying Bride.

Insect Ark.

Norwegian black metal from Svarttjern.

  • New Stabbing Westward.
  • Origin, Beneath the Massacre, Defeated Sanity tour.
  • Automb tour.
  • New track from Ether Coven.
  • Sleep is taking a nap.
  • Solid lineup for Northwest Terror Fest.
  • Silver Snakes are done.
  • Satan, Night Demon, Haunt, Bewitcher tour.
  • Pathology, Pyrexia North American tour.
  • Macabre teaser.


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