LiveEvil – Devilation: A Video Breakdown


Those are not real words!

Despite only doing @MetalwoContext for a short amount of time, I’ve come across enough weird bands to fill an entire life. Goofy gimmicks, awkward poses, silly masks, cheap costumes. It’s enough to make you die from over-cringing. When asked if I actually listen to the bands, my answer was essentially “Eh, sometimes.” Today’s video breakdown is because of one of those “eh, sometimes.”

LiveEvil is a band form the Czech Republic that refers to themselves as “electro metal”. Oh, yeah. Get ready for a mixture of chugs and bleeps and bloops. Honestly, they’re not getting a breakdown for the music. They’re getting it for…well, just click the video to find out.

0:04: We fell in love in a hopeless plaaaaaace.
0:10: Warning: A hopeless place may give you seizures.
0:19: It’s nice to see the There’s Something About Mary look is still a thing for Czechs.
0:21: The Captain was never the same after Tennille left.
0:27: It’s a bad sign when that shirt is like the 4th or 5th worst thing about this look.
0:34: He’s still more of a believable boat captain than Hugh Heffner.
0:41: KISS has really let themselves go.
0:49: This is why you put covers over electric outlets.
0:55: No, see, adding more light to your video is a bad thing.
1:00: It just lets us see more detail and that is far, far worse.
1:10: Surprise Six Feet Under patch!
1:16: Watching this video might actually make Chris Barnes sober…for about 10 minutes.
1:24: When does Rammstein come out and give them wedgies?
1:30: The same thing happens when Donald Trump takes off his pants.
1:37: So is he a skeleton or a boat captain?
1:40: Answer: He’s a nerd.
1:45: Damn it, Chad. You couldn’t even paint your entire face? You’re lucky your dad has a van we can use.
1:56: Fun fact: This is the official love song of the Czech Republic.
2:01: They play it during school dances and weddings.
2:07: Orgies too.
2:13: Okay, who let their mom be in the video?
2:19: And does she have arthritis?
2:25: Somewhere, there’s a Hot Topic looking for a missing pair of ridiculous pants.
2:30: He must suffer from Restless Everything Syndrome.
2:37: Powder goes angsty.
2:42: Weeeeeeeeeeee!
2:51: No one is impressed by your wiener bass.
2:58: That moment the electro-metal hits.
3:05: They’re literally creeping her out to death.
3:11: Being forced into LiveEvil: A fate worse than death.
3:17: It sounds like the lyrics are “Once I look in your eyes, I must swallow you”
3:20: That’s just impractical. Also, fattening.
3:25: Oh, hey, nightmares. Nice to see you again.
3:36: I hope someone drops that net above them and drags the band off to whatever asylum they escaped from.
3:43: She might want to get those jagged metal bits on her face checked out.
3:54: There are several black metal bands out there that think these guys should tone it down.
4:01: He looks like an evil sprouting yellow onion.
4:05: Appropriate reaction to this video.
4:11: Why so blue, panda bear?

LiveEvil’s album BlackTracks is available now via Metalgate Records.

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