Flush It Friday: What Are You Drankin’?


Hail and kill, SMASH AND FLUSH, cheers and all that. The weekend approacheth, which means it’s time to jam some heavy merol and imbibe your mortal coil with a delicious beer or 69. So crack open a cold one around the bowl, show us what you plan on drankin’ this weekend, it’s Flush It Friday.

About two years ago my pancreas said it’s “had it up to here” with all that alcohol I was drinking, so I stopped. It wasn’t hard to do, but I had to reverse-engineer a few of the habits in me brain and program it differently. The first one was understanding that it IS possible to have fun without booze (take that, advertising campaigns!): there’s not a single event or gathering that has become terrible without the aid of alcohol. Oh wait, there was one live show that grew a little tiresome, in which a group of local musicians decided to play “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas TEN TIMES IN A ROW (and then two more times for the encore). I still had a lot of fun, perhaps a little less fun than those around me downing aluminum bottles of smooth Miller Lite.

What else? Oh, things like being able to approach a pretty girl at a bar. I used to say things like “I’ll go make a fool out of myself to that pretty lady… after doing a few shots.” Turns out, approaching pretty girls (or sexy dudes) is incredibly easy, I just had to get over my fear of doing it. Singing karaoke and dancing at wedding receptions are two more things that used to require a good amount of “liquid courage” for me to partake in, but no more. Knowing what I know now, it should never have been so difficult to do those things (it’s rather silly in retrospect). Anxiety? Gone. Insomnia? Tis but a memory. Beer belly? Don’t miss it. It’s also nice to be able to safely drive a vehicle at any time of day.

Good: Non-alcoholic beer. The kind folks at Anheuser-Busch/InBev/whatever the conglomerate is called these days have given folks like me the best present in the world: Busch N/A. It taste exactly like the Bavarian gold I used to drink by the case, with none of the booze. (Take one look at that header image and tell me it doesn’t make you thirsty.) And since it takes additional work to brew a non-alcoholic beer, I am giving it an additional Toilet ov Flame for its score:

(6/5 = gosh darned delicious)

Bad: Nothing. Life is amazing!

Ugly: Nothing. See above.

Tell us your Good, Bad, and Ugly. Then show us what you’ll be drinking this weekend, be it N/A beer, non-N/A beer, or some fancy wine. Enjoy your weekly wipe:

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