My Enemies & I – Fiends: A Video Breakdown


You’ve got a fiend in me.

My Enemies & I are a nu-ish metalcoreish something-ish band from Richmond, Virginia. They are currently on Fearless Records. Their bio on the Fearless website helpfully tells us “Building an underground legion of dark devotees, the band embraces the unsettling truth that evil lives within every human.” Well, good thing for puppies, right? Those wittle buddies are nothing but fluffy lightness and kibble bits. You can’t take that from us, My Enemies & I! I won’t let you! Joe won’t let you! The Toilet Ov Hell community won’t let you (excluding the cat people)! You can wear all the silly contact lenses you want because it won’t make a difference. We will study your new music video and learn of ways to defeat you. For the puppies!

0:00: Bless you, ME&I for making a video that is less than 3 minutes long.
0:06: You sure about that, bud?
0:11: Oooh, Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget is in this band.
0:14: Fish-eye lens; as seen by almost every Craiglist apartment listing ever.
0:28: First, Jncos come back and now the “vocalist is so crazy he’s about to lose it” act.
0:32: It’s like 1999 Wes Borland time-jumped to 2016 and fronted a new band.
0:37: He might not need help, but he’s going to catch his death of cold if he doesn’t put a shirt on.
0:43: All of the video’s budget went to his contacts.
0:46: And chest paint.
0:54: If was nice of their landlord to let them record in the basement.
1:03: Just make sure you take the laundry out of the washer when it’s done so other people get a chance to use it.
1:08: I hope “black arms” don’t become a thing.
1:14: Kids at Warped Tour begging their parents to let them paint their arms.
1:23: Is it normal to want to punch someone’s haircut? Cause I have a lot of feelings right now.
1:34: Punch. Here. Now.
1:42: Punch with all of your might.
1:51: Every time someone watches this video, a wallet gets its chain.
1:59: Unexpected electronics. Why not?
2:05: How has Roadrunner not snatched these guys up for a 1 album deal that completely ruins the band?
2:13: I wonder if the band knows Coal Chamber had a song called “Fiend”.
2:20: Gotta have that sing-along part for the kids.
2:29: And for the Hot Topic store radio station.
2:41: His back must say “GoldenPalace(dot)com”.
2:52: Nah, I’m good.

My Enemies & I’s album Sick World is available now via Fearless Records.

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