Premiere: Birdflesh And The Power It Holds


mmmmmmmmmm…. meatgrind

I’m sure there’s a good reason we landed on chicken as the bird our species decided to breed the ever-living fuck out of and ritually consume. Likewise, I’m sure the chicken is honoured to have been bestowed with such a privilege. However ubiquitous and/or delicious the fowl though, it’s bound to become boring after a few thousand years. Personally, I’m past the passé pheasantry. The time to branch out is long overdue. Gimme a damn passerine parmigiana already. Just think, if we hadn’t contributed to the rapid loss of big-arse birds and their habitats, everyone could be chomping down on a gigantic Cassowary drumstick right now. Consensus is that modern day avians diverged from a common dino ancestor, so perhaps eating one of these more closely phylogenetically-linked prehistoric beasts is the nearest we’ll get to dining on dinosaur meat. Having already eaten crocodile and finding it more like a mid-point between fish and chicken, the flavour and texture of somethi… [this absolute rambling dogshit continued for another 18 minutes before the subject was detained for crimes against consciousness]

If you blinked anytime during the month of May, you quite possibly missed when our boy Hans premiered the video for Birdflesh‘s 18 second track ‘Land Of The Forgotten Riffs’. Since having heard the full 24-track whacky grind fest that is Extreme Graveyard Tornado, I’m pleased to inform you that songs such as ‘Crazy Train Decapitation’, ‘Botox Buttocks’, ‘Garlic Man’, and ‘Mouth For Gore’ are as fun as reading the tracklist would suggest. While I don’t have the lyricsheet in front of me, I’m choosing to believe ‘Milkshake Is Nice’ relates to the recent spate of coating Tory cunts in dairy-based drinks. But that’s just me, here’s what drummer Smattro Ansjovis from the band had to to say in regards to the song we’re premiering today, and its ostensibly more serious sounding lyrical content –

“In times when suicide was illegal, a man tried to take his life but failed.
He tried to escape the cops but failed that too and had to spend 40 years in jail instead.
This is a song about death sometimes is better”

Extreme Graveyard Tornado releases on June 28th through Everlasting Spew Records

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