Shitpost away the day here

It’s Friday and I’ve had enough of this miserable work week. It will soon be time to leave this place and indulge in all of the taboo weekend activities including, but not limited to, drinking precisely one beer and calling 9-1-1. Before you all head out let’s take a look at some cool shit we did this week.

Snooty McWords gave us all some food for thought about the separation of metal and politics

Metal and the Discomforting Reality of the Human Socio-Political Condition

Me and 365 grilled Curtis Dewar about the best tactics for promoting our band, Crotch Monster.

Toilet Radio Learns the Secrets to Band Promotion with Curtis Dewar

Dubya embarked upon an ill-fated adventure into the butt of the Meat Tomb.

A Harrowing Descent into the Meat Tomb

365 has some tough talk for all you hopeful Tool fools.

It Doesn’t Matter If Tool Ever Releases A New Album

If you haven’t yet voted for the most innovative young guitarist in the game you can do it here:

The Most Innovative Guitarists In Metal Right Now: Tournament Edition

Part two is here:

The Most Innovative Guitarists In Metal Right Now: Round One (Pt.II)

Finally, I looked at some cartoon tiddies in this horrible Pantera comic book.

Why Does This Pantera Comic Book Exist?

That’s it for me. The floor is yours. Thank you for your continued support of this awful hell site.

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