El Reno Renardo – Meriendacena Medieval: A Video Breakdown


Aye carumba.

Thanks to a heads-up from the incredibly handsome and handsomely incredible Spear in last week’s This Toilet Tuesday roundup, we have this week’s Video Breakdown. El Reno Renardo is a heavy metal band from Spain. Wikipedia says that they are a humorous/parody band, and when has Wikipedia ever been wrong? Let’s see if comedy is the international language or if some things get lost in translation.

0:04: Dollar Store Turisas.
0:08: That’s not face paint. He just has a cat.
0:13: “Should we use a smoke machine?”
0:14: “Nah, just computerize the smoke too.”
0:17: All rat pelts provided by the San Pedro Nolasco fiesta.
0:20: So are they supposed to be randomly hovering over the ground or…
0:23: Ugh, get a room you two.
0:26: That’s actually not smoke, just the Earth violently throwing up.
0:27: That phone number doesn’t have enough sixes. Please add at least ten more.
0:33: He tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell their friends and so on, and so on.
0:36: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that guy speaking into a giant salami?
0:39: Or if you prefer: a baloney phone-y?
0:42: It’s hard to tell if Rammstein would like being associated with this video.
0:47: Going to a supermarket is too hard. Just Clip Art some shit and let’s go siesta.
0:54: I don’t know what’s worse: the photoshop or the parody shirts.
0:57: Oh, no! Don’t let Joe see this!
1:02: Come on, guys. Don’t you want some veggies or at least a couple of potatoes?
1:08: They’re getting ready for the epic battle of “We Have No Dates Fridays.”
1:12: Seriously, they couldn’t even film something outside?
1:18: Apparently fire does not cleanse all.
1:23: 99 Cent Store Don Ho.
1:30: This scene is like a tornado of offensive. None are safe in its path.
1:37: I’m guessing their pantomiming wasn’t synched to the actual song.
1:41: That says it all, doesn’t it?
1:49: I’m beginning to think that the humor not connecting isn’t due to a language barrier.
1:57: Yeeeeeah, it’s not a language thing.
2:04: In all fairness, Varg is funny in any language.
2:06: Especially when you manipulate his face into a perverted dunce smile.
2:15: Is that sun ever going to set behind them?
2:22: A Clockwork Chorra.
2:31: Sure, why not? Nothing else really makes sense in this video.
2:38: The saddest power move of all time.
2:45: They must have paid for the green screen by the hour and just want to get their Euros worth.
2:53: It’s still funnier than an episode of The Big Bang Theory.
3:01: “Guys, I know we have a lot going on in the video, but we need to dedicate at least 15 seconds to the ouija scene. It’s mas importante!”
3:10: Now they’re on top of a rampart? Too much suspension of disbelief.
3:18: Hey, it’s a Mago De Oz shirt come to life.
3:23: Unemployment in Spain is down to 20.9%! Partying will keep us from crying!
3:28: Tummy Merol.
3:41: Still funnier than an episode of How I Met Your Mother.
3:52: Spain certainly is a magical land.
3:55: Accurate representation of what El Reno Renardo is doing to anyone with eyes right now.
4:00: Can one of our Spanish readers tell us if this is funny or not?
4:10: 50 Cent Store Korpiklaani.
4:15: 25 Cent Store Ivanhoe.
4:18: I sincerely hope no one was paid for being in this video.
4:21: In fact, they should be paying us.
4:26: Not in pesetas, though.
4:31: Thanks a lot, Belen y Mauri.
4:37: Classic Juantxu.
4:44: Heeeeeey McArraldea!

El Reno Renardo’s album Meriendacena con Satán is out now via Malandro…I mean Maldito Records.

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