Join the Toilet ov Hell Facebook Group and Talk Shit 24/7


The Toilet ov Hell is a community. I dig all of you guys and I want us all to be homies.

If it isn’t completely obvious by now, I am never, ever, ever going to fix the fucking forum. It’s broke as hell and I don’t have any free time as it is to attempt to un-break it. Seriously, I’ve been putting it off for like 5 months now. Regardless, I want us to be able to discuss everything under the sun when we’re outside of the 8 hours a day we post new items. So, I’ve created this here Facebook group for you all to join so you can jibber jabber all you like.

I want this to be a friendly environment so I just ask that you treat everyone with respect. No racism, sexism, homophobia or other such bullshit. Just be nice. Them’s the rules.

No Fun

TO RECAP: Join the Facebook group here and help us spread the word. And if you haven’t done it yet, like the damn Facebook page!

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