New Music Roundup: Marduk, Hate, Cretin and More


New music is out there and you can listen to some here.

Marduk have a new song out since apparently they are still a band. I’ll be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to anything this band’s done in quite a while, but “Rope of Regret” gives me a certain Panzer Division Marduk vibe that I’m digging. Frontschwein, the band’s thirteenth album, is set for a January release via Century Media.


The creatively-named Hate have released a teaser for their upcoming ninth album, Crusade:Zero. The trailer features torches and clips of music from the album, which sound juicy and Solarflesh-esque. Fans of this year’s records from Behemoth, Vader, and Belphegor take note: Crusade:Zero is set for a January 15th release on Napalm Records. Maybe after that Destroyer will grace us with new Kriegsmachine.


If you’ve talked to our pal Tyree in the last forever, you’ll know Cretin have a new album on the way. Set for release a week from today (in the US), Stranger is the best kind of grindcore album: one replete with killer grooves and actual riffs. No Clean Singing have the exclusive premier, so head over there to check out the album in full and then preorder it from Relapse here.


Those not yet hip to Israthoum deserve little more than a swift flushing, but in the interest of fairness the Dutch trio have released “Ascetic Temples,” from their forthcoming split with Sweden’s Chalice of Blood, via the jabronis at Cvlt Nation. “Ascetic Temples” progresses from a churning black metal barnburner to an eerie, ringing chant reminiscent of Virus or later Satyricon if they weren’t so crappy. The 7″ is available for preorder from Daemon Worship here.

Speaking of Israthoum, two members’ solo projects, Monte Penumbra and Half Visible Presence, have a new split EP out today. Both projects contribute about 7 minutes of material each, sure to please fans of dark, dissonant dorkery like Deathspell Omega, Thorns or Dødheimsgard. Stream the split above and then head here to buy the vinyl from Duplicate Records.


Cvlt Nation also have the premier of “Plague,” a new track off Unsacred’s False Light. I’ve long been an outspoken supporter of the band’s blend of crusty hardcore riffs and black metal atmosphere, so it’s nice to see they’ve started to gain some recognition with this new album. Get familiar with their discography on their Bandcamp and then head over to Forcefield Records to preorder the LP.


Corbeaux are a French post-whatever band with a new album out today. The mostly-instrumental Hit the Head could easily be compared to Isis, Pelican, Cult of Luna and a host of other big names you could fill in on your own. Unlike the plethora of flushworthy groups bogging down Bandcamp’s “post-metal” tag, Corbeaux offer more than regurgitated genre conventions. Opener “Cran d’Arrêt” is perfectly representative of the group’s inimitable compositional voice: rather than crescendo through delay-washed tremolo picking and crashing drums, Corbeaux craft an aural journey through variations on a theme, the quartet’s group chemistry shining through at all times.

Are these bands sweet or what? Did we miss anything? Flush yourself in the comments below.

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