Flush Friday: Feat. a Substitute Cat


Good morning you cuddly lifelovers! Mr. Joe Bangles reporting for duty on this beautiful Friday morning! TGIF, am I right you guys?! LOL! My cousin, Mr. Bojangles will be back next week. In the meantime, he asked me to recommend u some songs to get ur weekend started!

The instructions that Bojangly left behind on a post-it note said something about “songs that provoke a sense of dread and depression in the foul human listener” but I’m prrreeeeeeettttyyy sure that he was just talking about Aerosmith again. Also, he said that this site was metal but that’s dumb! Computers can be metal but websites are made of pictures and colors! So silly!

NEWAYZ! Let’s get some music pumping and get the blood flowing to start the weekend right! LOL!

Mr. is my first name! And I like blue cuz cats can see it better than other colors! And sky is good too. That’s where birds live. Also, ELO is close to LEO which is a TOTAL cat name! I like this song because it helps me with getting up and starting the day! Of course, if this doesn’t work I can always just go back to bed! LOL, I’m a cat!


That song was pretty good but it didn’t have a video! I like music videos and this one is good as it has moving pictures:

This song is so good for getting moving! Shaking IS moving, LOL! I bet that it took a long time to learn how to dance in so many varied genres but she is so good at all of them! Also Tay Tay is a family friend.


Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! I hope ur Friday is flush with excitement LOL!

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