Ram – On Wings Of No Return: A Video Breakdown


Car Ramrod!

Remember when things used to happen in music videos? Remember when those things were entertaining. Swedish heavy metal band Ram remembers. Ram remembers a time before 360 degree visualizers and lyric videos. Ram remembers a time before playing in an empty warehouse or whatever this is was good enough for a video. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourselves.

0:05: Uh oh. Did I accidentally decide to break down a porno?
0:11: I’m still not sure.
0:20: You’re not supposed to run with scissors but no one ever said anything about chainsaws.
0:30: Special guest appearance by the toilet ov hell.
0:39: Yes! A dead form of media that has made a tiny comeback!
0:45: I mean, um, sign up for our Patreon and get a totally awesome mix tape!
0:52: If this was the US, the bar would be playing The Chainsmokers.
1:02: I definitely want to go to their Judgement Night soundtrack listening party.
1:13: They’ve got Ecto Cooler Hi-C and everything!
1:18: His Wet-Nap! Now his fingers are going to be all gross when he eats chicken wings!
1:24: Would’ve been better if they had ‘Murica on that list.
1:32: Cousinfest? Isn’t that where Jeff Sessions met his wife?
1:43: They’re so retro they don’t use GPS.
1:48: Or digital recording devices.
2:02: They must have terrible back problems.
2:14: Special guest appearance by Sid Wilson’s younger redneck brother Pooter Wilson.
2:27: He’s going to show us his lil’ ram, isn’t he?
2:35: Hey, Corey Taylor is here too!
2:41: Peeping Tomases!
2:50: He’s the Oprah of chainsaws. You get a chainsaw! You get a chainsaw!
3:01: At least he’s going out happy.
3:08: Enjoy your purple nurple, Sven.
3:20: Brutal murder is terrible and all, but let’s all appreciate how pretty that sky looks.
3:25: A+ sky right there.
3:34: No tiki torches for Ram!
3:45: Now they have to also watch out for being bored to death by the Blair Witch.
3:59: And for a close encounter of the third kind.
4:05: Indigestion can strike at any time.
4:16: Looks like a shack Vincent Price would own.
4:24: Fair reaction.
4:31: “Quaid, start the reactor!”
4:42: Golden Corral: Now with more feet!
4:55: Of course the coleslaw Cropsey made goes untouched.
5:07: Someone needs a lozenge.

Ram’s album Rod is out November 3rd via Metal Blade Records.

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