Toilet Radio 463 – Bringing Back Gatekeeping


This week on Toilet Radio we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming and exploring some of the things we missed over the last month. First up: VextApp! Tommy Vext plans to release new music exclusively through a vanity app and honestly, it seems like this idiot might finally be on to a good idea. BECAUSE, Spotify is now cutting rev shares even lower and Bandcamp has been acquired by the Bain Capital of music licensing. Not great! Also, Aaron Lewis shares many characteristics with legit sociopaths! Thy Art is Murder did one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen a band do and it left Ronnie Radke sputtering in impotent rage! Hilarious! Finally, we take a look at the new Sick Sad World festival, Foo Fighters headlining Hell Fest(?) and Dee Snider continues to Al Bundy his one accomplishment in life. Folks…… it’s good to be back.

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Artists featured on this ‘sode:
Illusionary – Dream Eater

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