Kult of Azazel – Dawn Of Luciferian Enlightenment: A Video Breakdown


Blinded by the enlightenment. Revved up like a douche, another runner in the night. Blinded by the enlightenment.

Kult of Azazel are a satanic black metal band based out of Florida. They’ve been around since 2000 and have released five full-length albums and a large number of splits, EPs, demos and live albums. I bring all this up not just to educate you, dear readers, but to refresh my memory as well because I completely forgot about this band until recently. In the days of metal message boards, I remember the name Kult of Azazel getting thrown around for a while. Those mentions eventually faded, along with metal message boards in general. The band had not crossed my mind in years, not even as a joke. It probably doesn’t help that there is a death metal band named Dawn of Azazel from New Zealand that formed around the same time. You say Kult, I say Dawn. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Just recently, though, their name appeared as a replacement band on the Anticosmic Music Festival set to take place in Providence, Rhode Island. It looks like 2016 is a banner year, for KoA are working on a new album and have just released a shiny, new music video for our enjoyment.

0:05: Who wants S’mores?
0:09: Kult of Azazel uses dark chocolate on their S’mores for maximum evilness.
0:13: But they use gluten free graham crackers just in case someone is gluten intolerant.
0:18: And vegan marshmallows. You can’t receive Luciferian enlightenment with an upset tummy.
0:26: I kind of just want to refer to them as Kult of Azazzy from now on.
0:30: Because they clearly need more zazz.
0:35: These filters over their live videos could use some razzmatazz as well.
0:42: And a splash of “zippity do-daa.”
0:48: Sweet Satan on a slide whistle!
0:56: Mondays, amirite?
1:00: When in doubt, just zoom in and out on a still picture in your music video.
1:09: This new Ghostbusters movie is going in some strange directions.
1:20: They might as well throw in some whipped cream with all these layers.
1:26: Luciferian enlightenment requires you to get cataract surgery.
1:37: It’s like a Magic Eye but with way more goats.
1:42: Same amount of headaches, though.
1:50: Satanic Triple Kiss. Awwww yeaaaah.
1:54: Only two inverted crosses? I guess someone is agnostic…
2:07: I don’t know if this video makes me want to hail Satan, but it definitely makes me want to take some time learning Corel VideoStudio.
2:18: This live footage should have been included in our Lack Of Crowd Interaction discussion.
2:33: “We were invoking the Goat-Legged One when the drugs started to take hold.”
2:37: Worth pointing out that the spooky goat-invoker is wearing a snazzy yellow tie.
2:50: Would you believe that this is Kult of Azazel’s love ballad?
2:57: So that’s what half-risen dough looks like.
3:06: Beezlebro is all about the strobe lights.
3:20: Not too many crowd shots from these live footage clips. Just saying.
3:26: Maybe they couldn’t invoke more ticket sales from their friends and parents.
3:33: “Moooom, we can’t please the Dark Lord if we sell less than 20 tickets to the local band matinee showcase!”
3:44: Wait a minute. Did they just flip the footage from the beginning?
3:51: I suppose Lucifer would cut corners.
3:58: “And that was how I spent my summer with Kult of Azazel.”
4:09: “What the fuck is up, bitcheeessssssss?!?” – Lucifer

Kult of Azazel’s album Violators of the Covenant is still in the process of being recorded, so it will be released at some point in the future. Probably.

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