(Late AF) Review: Uprising – Uprising


Riffs to kill your masters to.

Granted, I was already late to the party with this one, having received this album in a Bandcamp code giveaway a few months back. I listened to it maybe once or twice, liked it, and forgot about it, because there was even more new music coming out. I already mentioned this in the opening paragraph to my end of the year list for 2019 and it still bugs me. It’s not like there’s such a thing as too much new music, but I can’t deny that it makes it hard to stay focused and give an album the attention it deserves. Sadly, this is exactly what happened here.

Uprising is a solo project by musician Winterherz, credited as W, who is also a founding and active member of Waldgeflüster. The premise is simple: rebellion and insurrection. Where Waldgeflüster (German for “forest whisperings”) is more melancholic, Uprising instead is more driven and forward. It is not mellow, it is angry. It is the musical incarnation of how many of us feel in these odd times.

Despite being called melodic black metal, melody is not the forefront of this album, but instead it uses melody to elevate the mood from strictly nihilistic into something enthusiastic. Fervent hymns of revolution. Strong riffs, inspired by Eastern European bands, explosive vocals and sporadic, but clearly deliberate use of samples, all supported by a mix that doesn’t lack any rawness, but also doesn’t sacrifice sound quality, create an atmosphere that can be only be described as grand and forceful.

It is obvious, that W had a clear picture of what he was trying to convey, when he set out to write this album and I’m happy to report, that he completely succeeded at that. An amalgamation of various black metal styles, this is a call-to-arms. A soundtrack of upheaval and the downfall of the ruling classes.

4/5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell

Uprising was released on March 4, 2016. You can get a digital copy on Bandcamp.

If you like this album, I have more good news for you. The second full-length of Uprising, simply called II, was just announced to release on May 15th, 2020. You can check out There’s No Such Thing As Hope and Uprise – Part II below. It is also available for pre-order both digitally, through Bandcamp, and physically, through Wolfsgrimm Records. Tridroid Records is also offering a tape version.

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