Premiere: Enter UR’s ‘Black Vortex’


Seems Poland just can’t help themselves, even their heavy metal is brushed with several shades of black, and we couldn’t thank them enough!

This Black Friday I’m pleased as hell to bring you the eponymous opening track to UR‘s debut album Black Vortex. Forging a merger between the immediate accessibility of traditional metal riffing with the omnipresent sense of menace that black metal typically imbues, Black Vortex will have your horns raised and your uhh… corpses… painted? I dunno, but this shit jams. The song we’re premiering for you today prior to the album’s December 22nd release date covers quite a broad selection of the moods explored throughout the album.

From the sounds of the sinister intro you might assume the duo are going to proceed in a similar fashion to fellow blackened genre-bridging countrymen Above Aurora, however, before long those very same notes are transformed into the accents adorning a much more classically structured metal riff. One that would almost certainly have your deadbeat uncle Alan pumping his fist along half-cut on a Friday night binge, if only it wasn’t for those damned raspy vocals. Well, if Alan can wait a minute or two, he’ll hear vocalist Gregor switch out the hostile scowls for some quasi-crooned bars that remind me of Czral‘s unique approach, albeit with a much more theatrical lilt.

Here’s what the band’s primary composer, Gregor had to say about the album –

“Some of the tracks are philosophical in nature. They are filled with sadness and pity over human existence. Other tracks, however, are something you’d expect from UR: aggressive, primitive anthems of hatred about human greed, materialism and stupidity. Let the Black Vortex swallow you!”

Black Vortex is scheduled for release on the 22nd of December 2017 via Arachnophobia Records. Check out their Bandcamp page and their Facebook page for updates.

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