Toilet Radio 360 – Cool Bands Don’t Wear Band Tees


This week on Toilet Radio: Can you be a cool band and wear another band’s shirt? We discuss / Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth wears Under Armour shirt; yells uninformed opinions. / America is the Russians to the rest of the world / Let’s take a look at the hottest hits on the Bandcamp metal chart and ask, “Where is this money going?” / The curious case of a New England local metal musician turned crypto millionaire turned gun hoarder / BEEF WATCH 2K22: Mark Morton vs Chris Adler! / Devil Master got called up to the majors; are opening for My Chemical Romance / Kid Rock announces his Kings of Komedy charity benefit show / We force Breno to defend himself RE: Ghost

Music featured on this sode:
Devil Master – Acid Black Mass

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