Let’s Talk About “My Dick” and Terrible Ideas for Bands


My Dick the band, that is. I don’t know you that well.

Musicians/drunks (jk, you’re the same people): Have you ever spent an evening drinking far too much with your best bro? In the process of doing internal damage have you ever come up THE. MOST. HILARIOUS. IDEA. FOR. A. BAND. EVER? BRO? BRO! I have and I bet you have as well. None of my (especially) stupid ideas ever got off the ground but fortunately there are bros out there with far more moxie than I.

Which brings me to… My Dick. I’m not talking about My Dick to be unnecessarily crass; the band in question is called My Dick. I first came across My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release a year and a half ago and since then not a month has gone by that I haven’t listened to the whole thing at least once. The concept of My Dick is simple, drunken perfection. Bros “Cool Hand” and “Hand Solo” faithfully recreated the instrumentation of 21 massively successful pop songs (and 2 Christmas tunes). Then they replaced most of the lyrics with the words “My” and “Dick”. That’s it. “But Joe, that’s stupid” you’re probably saying because you are a straightedge nerd. Yes, it is extremely stupid. Therein lies the joy. Let’s listen to some My Dick tracks.

I can think of no better introduction to the project than “Two Dicks”, My Dick’s take on the venerable Spin Doctors classic “Two Princes”.


Maybe you’re looking for more classic fare. Check out “Imagine Dick” (a massive improvement over the milquetoast Ringo McCartney original).


I know there are several Tracy Chapman fans in the audience. For you, I present “Fast Dick”.


I am a shameless Suzanne Vega fan, but “My Name is My Dick” completely eclipses her original work.


There are so many absurdly great songs on the album (including “Dick in Heaven” which is so damn good I won’t spoil it here). I offer my supreme commendation to these dudes for their amazing commitment to a stupid joke. My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release is amazing and you must listen to the entire my dick.


This all brings us to a greater question of “Why does man create”? And when man creates, why does he choose to explore really dumb ideas extensively? And very rarely, why is that stupid idea so damn good? Please, tell me about your dumbest band idea below. In the meantime, go like My Dick on Facebook because that won’t look weird to your coworkers at all.


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