Flush It Friday: TheoBomb’s Catharsis Corner

An actor dresses as Oedipus with his eyes made up to look gouged out.

Hi Toilet! What a short and/or long week it’s been. Next week, I’m gonna fly on a plane for first time in a year and a half. During the flight, I’ll probably listen to the new Amenra, maybe some Kvadrat or even some Sea Mosquito if I want to spoop things up a bit. You know what I won’t do? Share headphones. My partner hates my music, like many others in my life. Whether it’s metal, jazz, proto-punk, or electronica, the music I love makes them all “anxious” or “sad.” A lot of the time, when I pick at their negative opinions a little, they share something like, “Well, I don’t listen to music to feel bad. I listen to music to escape, you know?” The thing is, I don’t know. I like my music to mine dark feelings. It’s cathartic!

So I’ve been mulling this over while banging my head, and I’ve been thinking that perhaps folks split into two camps: catharsis listeners and escapist listeners. Two trance fans could be in opposite camps—one may go to the club to leave their cares behind; the other could go dance to feel enveloped in their own mood. As metalheads, we all get some guff every now and again (“how can you stand that screaming?”). Are we all just angry catharsis listeners? Is the anger/disgust/despair of extreme music actually an escape? Is it a continuum? Am I making distinctions where there are none?

I report, you decide! Here’s the week in review.

Reporting on a Danish ripper with some siqq artwork was yours truly:

Review: Kollapse – Sult

Jordan‘s back for Toilet Radio this week:

Toilet Radio 314 – Return of the Mack

IGoM hit us with the lil’ bits in a good ol’ EP round-up:

Extended Play: Recent EPs for Your (Brief) Listening Pleasure

That photo is a guy playing Oedipus, by the way. Is he seeking catharsis or an escape? Escape from me with your G/B/U’s below!

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