Toilet ov Hell: The St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Playlist


Look BRO; we all know the Olive Garden is the spot to be if you wanna score some GRADE-A TAIL, but today isn’t about GRADE-A TAIL. It’s about getting sloppy ass drunk and committing petty crimes because my great-great-great Grand Bro was TOTALLY from Ireland so, y’know, HERITAGE and stuff. Keep Calm and put a Chive tee over your Celtic cross tats, this is your playlist for pre-gaming the FUCK outta Bennigan’s for Saint Natty’s Day 2015!

Saint Patrick’s Day is terrible enough already. Rather than subjecting you to one more weak ass Flogging Molly tune, here are some of the Toilet ov Hell’s favorite tunes about drinking. If you desire the Dropkick Murphys, feel free to drag your ass down to your local Paddy O’Hooligan’s for a green Bud Light and a fist fight with a weekend warrior. It’s an open swim, y’all. Share your favorite tunes below and for fuck’s sake don’t drink and drive.

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