Toilet Radio 217: Watain Sucks, Yo-Yo Ma Fucks


Happy Thanksgiving you big nerds. Me and Jordon are hella sick but we still strapped up our boots, grabbed our lunchpails, and brought you an hour of dynamite podcasting entertainment so you can better ignore your family tomorrow. We’re talkin’ turkey. By which I mean Thanksgiving! It’s kinda whatever. We’re talkin’ about Pelle Forsberg from Watain getting locked up by border patrol and banned from entering the country. It will shock you to learn that we have a lot of thoughts around CBP, ICE, shady black metal bands, and the interaction between them all. Related, we’re learning about the legality of consuming road kill. It varies state by state. We’re talking about Abbath possibly needing to cut out the booze after a disastrous performance. Finally, we’re talking about Motley Crue BREAKING THE LAW by touring again. Quit rewarding bands for doing farewell tours please. Also, we talk about Yo-Yo Ma for reasons that I don’t fully recall. It’s a good one, folks.

Oh, and don’t forget to send us Xmas presidents.

Music featured on this show:
The Goat Rodeo Sessions – “Quarter Chicken Dark”

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