List: Your Top 15 Albums ov 2011 Revealed


The results are in and surprise surprise, everyone was wrong except you.

A few weeks ago we decided to take a look back at the years before the site existed to see what you flushers deemed to be the top metal albums from that accursed time. Starting with 2013, we polled across both the Toilet ov Hell Social Club and through Disqus, which led to some fairly similar results overall with a few albums only making an appearance on one of the forums. However, using an advanced technique I’ve dubbed Social Media Ranking Tyranny (SMRT), the discrepancies between the two have been ironed-out and a definitive Top 15 has been extrapolated. The most notable difference between the two polling places was Wolves In The Throne Room‘s complete absence from nomination on Disqus despite coming in 4th overal on Facebook. Similarly for Krallice, War Master, Deafheaven, and Trivium all finished in the Top 10 on FB but were wayyy down the rankings on Disqus. Contrasting this were Vader, Death Grips, Tom Waits, and Amon Amarth who fared well on Disqus but were all but completely absent from nomination on FB. Also of note was the fact that polling took place before the news of Vektor‘s frontman being a longtime domestic abusing piece of dogshit broke.

Anyway, here are your top records across platform for 2011.

15. Doomsword – The Eternal Battle

14. Gridlink – Orphan

13. Virus – The Agent That Shapes The Desert

12. Russian Circles – Empros

11. Cormorant – Dwellings

10. Esoteric – Paragon Of Dissonance

9. Obsequiae – Suspended In The Brume Of Eos

8. Wormrot – Dirge

7. Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination

6. Obscura – Omnivium

5. Leprous – Bilateral

4. The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual

3. Revocation – Chaos Of Forms

2. Vektor – Outer Isolation

1. Ulcerate – The Destroyers Of All

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