Album Premiere: Zvi – TEETER (Glassjaw Covers EP)


Zvi Dos Mil

Zvi mastermind, Kayo Dot and Psalm Zero guitarist, and friend of the TOH Podcast Ron Varod loves Glassjaw. Looooooooooves Glassjaw. At some point in a late teens/early 20’s, Ron had an orange camo shirt that he would refer to as his “Daryl Palumbo shirt.” That love has continued with his new Glassjaw covers EP, TEETER. Mixed by Steve Alexander from The Black Queen, the EP features four GJ covers. About the album, Varod says:

I’ve been obsessed with Glassjaw for roughly 20 years. I wanted to give myself something fun to focus on during quarantine so I chose 4 tunes to re-imagine with an electronic/trip hip tinged arrangement like the current Zvi stuff. This is a labor of love so I’m putting it up for free but will donate any cash I make off of this. I technically played a show with them 2005 when they did a surprise set at an open mic in Long Island so I’m secretly hoping this puts me on their radar for the next time they need an opener or a hired gun 😉

That open mic show? Yeah, I was there. This Is Hell also played and, if memory serves me correctly, some group called The Piss Boners. What a time to be alive. Now you can bask in the Glassjaw love with Zvi’s new EP. Check it out.

Oh, and Glassjaw? If you’re reading this, hire Ron.

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