The Sixth Chamber – Entrance To The Cold Waste: A Video Breakdown


I guess the other thirty chambers had that day off.

The Sixth Chamber is a gothic rock/metal band from Los Angeles. Their “About” section on Facebook describes the band as “Musical denizens trapped in a cosmic time capsule in the outer void.” Uhhhhh huh. What do they have to say about the video for their song “Entrance To The Cold Waste”?

An entheogenic seeker and sorcerer (Rahne Pistor) stalks an irresistible will-o’-the-wisp sorceress (Mahafsoun) through the vast tortured waste far beyond the waking world toward the marvelous sunset city. En route of his dream quest he encounters the creeper from the great beyond and other grim perils. What unspeakable horrors lie at the prehistoric stone monastery in the dominion of the crude and mischievous demon sultan Azathoth (Stanton LaVey), that evil devil? Who is left to trust? Do the seeker’s true enemies lie within? Is reaching the wondrous Kadath in all its glory worth the wholesale scourging of his soul?

Right. Shout out to Roman from Zealotry for bringing their new music video to my attention. It makes my life so much easier when people go “Hey! Look at this!” rather than scouring Youtube. I probably would not have discovered The Sixth Chamber without the help. Let’s break it down.


It’s nice to see David Lynch directing music videos.


Wow, it’s like she’s practically in the room with us right now.


He likes to start a marathon jerk session with a few light face slaps. Gets the undercarriage going.


Fight Club for drama majors.


This is what you get when you can only afford Lo Pan’s non-union equivalent.


Moisturizing with sour cream was a bad idea.


It’s the goth version of “I want to speak to your manager!”


Banning porn on Tumblr was a really slippery slope.


That’s nothing. You should see Golden Corral on a Saturday night.


Every guy trying to hit on a woman at the club.


The Sixth Chamber’s song is available now on Bandcamp.

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