Mini-Reviews from Around the Toilet Bowl: 12-17-15


Small words coming from such big men. (?)


Clutch Psychic Warfare
Weathermaker | October 2nd, 2015

TELEKINETIC, DYNAMITE. Psychic Warfare is real, you better believe it people. Clutch are back with the second jawline punch in a row after 2013’s Earth Rocker, and it seems like they’re just starting to get comfortable with the formula. Nonsensical lyrics, infectious choruses and pure rock fury (heh) are an absolute winning combination. What really sets Clutch apart from their peers is Neil Fallon‘s characteristic and charismatic vocal delivery. He makes you believe (and believe in) what he’s saying, even if 90% of it is gibberish only surpassed by one King Buzzo. Check it out here, and rock out with your… rock, out.  — MoshOff



TankrusT – The Fast Of Solace
Almost Famous | October 17, 2015

Tankrust…oh, excuse me, TankrusT are a French hybrid death/thrash metal band. The band’s strength lies within their aggression. The Fast Of Solace is a fairly straightforward “heavy” album that churns out angry anthems. Some quality solos are a welcome break from the standard growls and riffs and give the songs some much-needed melodies. While TankrusT’s brand of metal may not be “in” right now, there is always an audience just looking to drink some beers, mosh, and chant “Hey!” over and over. I could easily see one of these songs fitting in somewhere on the back-end of a Century Media “Metal For The Masses” compilation record. Just as long as it’s not the one called “Grow Some Balls”. Yeesh. RIYL: Watch Them Die, Stampin’ Ground, Shadows Fall. — 365


12096557_1658449957726985_6301126572203769862_nATTAN – From Nothing
Shelsmusic | November 30th, 2015

Ah, Norway. The land of black metal symphonic metal creative death metal shrieky, chaotic hardcore? This debut EP from ATTAN is certainly a curveball from the Nordic region, but it absolutely does not disappoint. From the manic, get-this-pit-going opening track “Nocebo (I Shall Harm)” to the weighty, contemplative closer “Edward,” ATTAN doesn’t waste a single opportunity to hit the listener with all they have. These guys zero in on an excellent writing mix of non-repetitive structure and memorable moments, and the vocal juxtaposition of shrieking hardcore against Mastodon/Turbid North-esque sludge singing makes for a fantastic listening experience. Hit the links above for Facebook (you’ll want to keep up with them) and Bandcamp (you’ll want to own this). Buckle in and get ready to spin kick and/or trudge your way to glorious victory. — Stocky


Afflition Gate Dying Alone
Trascending Obscurity | January 5th, 2016

Affliction Gate can be your regular super old-school death metal band; but their next record, Dying Alone, is one of those short burts of adrenaline composed of furious anthems of hate and fury. Reminiscent of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx or Obituary traditions, the verses of the songs build up and prepare the simpler yet effective attacks of the explosive choruses. With a clear production, evil vocals and skin-lashing melodic solos complete the earth-shattering rumbles of this short, but gratifying headbanging experience. Recommended. — Link Leonhart


Curezum One Hundred Years/The Top double single
Independent | November 26th, 2015

Curezum is a funny named project with the formula Burzum+The Cure, but it is also a competent black metal tribute to the penumbra work of Robert Smith & friends. Casting aside the humour, we have the expected with two frost inspired renditions of the monolithical “One Hundred Years” (Originally published in the Pornography album) and “The Top” (From the album with the same name). The open tremolo riffing suits in a good way the already dark compositions, and the shrieking demonic voice of Rob Vikernes interchanges with skill the nihilistic adventures of the original songs. I just hope to hear more of this guys. — Link Leonhart


AnnihilatusExterminatusDestroyah!Down Among the Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!
Cyclone Empire | November 6th

Down Among the Dead Men continues to (d-)beat the hecking crap out of absolutely everyone with their crusty death metal. Dave Ingram sounds as beastly as ever, and Rogga Johansson/Dennis Blomberg -duo’s riffing is on point. “Pyramids of Mars” kicks the record open with a furious death metal tremolo-riff, and while the rest of the album does take heavier use of their crust/d-beat influence, it’s clear this album is heavier on the death metal – both overall and compared to their debut. The only exception is Forged In Fire (yes, it’s an Anvil cover), with its near doom-like riffing; otherwise the album never lets go of its fast-paced, relentless pummeling. The production is clear, and bass-full, which compliments the songs quite nicely. Think of a heavier, death-y cover of “Protest and Survive” (which is something you’re literally going to get) and you’ve pretty much got this album pinned down. It’s a simple album, 38 minutes of good riffing and a good time – exactly what you came in for – no more, no less.  Nordling Rites ov Karhu


Nachtlieder – The Female of the Species
I, Voidhanger | December 7, 2015

Dagny Susanne, the leading lady behind Nachtlieder, knows how to take a basic formula and inject it with vitality and purpose. If you listen to Female of the Species, you’ll hear all manner of expected black metal elements. There is no shortage of tremolo riffs, blast beats, or gurgled vocals. Where Susanne clearly shines, though, is in injecting her own unique experiences and vision into the black metal archetype to craft memorable, distinct songs. Take “Eve”, for example. The track is built around a singular riff that repeats for the majority of the song. However, the drums alternate rhythm every few measures, juddering from fast to slow, creating a spiraling, mesmerizing effect. It’s a simple measure with profound, catchy impact, and you’ll find all sorts of little moments like this across this album. Definitely check it out. – W.


prPuerto RicoCommonwealth
United States of America | July 25, 1952

Puerto Rico is an island in the Carribean. Because it is a U.S. territory, it’s a great vacation spot for lazy passport-less Americans. Through the lack of statehood, we’ve kinda wrecked the Puerto Rican economy. Ignoring that, a majority of the inhabitants speak English and will tolerate your annoying tourist ways, fried food and booze are plentiful, and the sightseeing is pretty superb. Recommended tracks include: The island of Culebra, El Yunque National Forest, and the Bioluminescent Bay. Try to avoid Luqilla, getting bit by stray dogs and cats, and travelling with a companion that remains blackout drunk for days at a time. Bonus: everyone drives like a fucking maniac.  – Joe Thrashnkill


medallaMedalla LightPremium Lager
Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico | December 7, 1937

Medalla Light is the fuel that keeps Puerto Rico going. This elixer comes in 10 ounce cans that are ideal for crushin’. It’s cheap and likely available no more than 50 feet away from you, no matter where you are on the island. The flavor is crisp and refreshing, not dissimilar to carbonated water with a touch of corn sweetness. Medalla contains some kind of magical formula that allows you to consume dozens of them without feelings of bloating or excessive drunkenness. If you like cheap, watery beer, do not pass up this gem. 10/10 WDBWA.  – Joe Thrashnkill

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