Toilet ov Hell T-Shirts: The Fall Collection


Look your best this Autumn with the latest collection from world-famous designers/metal bloggers at Toilet ov Hell.

With the Fall 2015 edition shirt, I attempted to capture the very essence of the season; the crippling depression that encroaches with rapidly diminishing days, the rich colors of death, and the haunting presence of a doggy wearing a spooky ghost costume. Also, pumpkin-spice-time TovH favorites, Type O Negative. Adding a bow to this stunning package, is the addition of a term and concept that brings this whole community together: Lolbuttz.


Order the Fall design here.

Want something a little more classic? If you missed the boat the first time around, this is your chance to snag a re-print of our first shirt featuring artwork from the very skilled Lauren Gornik. Order it here. Still not convinced? Take a look at some very sexy people sporting their official TovH garb:


Spear lookin’ good as fuck with the TovH cut.


Thanks to his TovH shirt, Stockhausen is now a superhero


Little known fact: The Fish God was a mere demigod til he got his TovH shirt.


The Deuce is loose!


The power of a TovH shirt transformed a mustachioed bear into a man!


Thanks to the TovH shirt, Edward can now hear melodies in power electronics.

Get the original design here.

These sweet, sweet shirts are available for a very limited time. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of toilet-themed metal blogging history. Gird your loins with these sweet threads and watch the men/women come flocking to you.

Get the original design here

Get the Fall 2015 edition design here


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