Morbid Angel’s new video kicks an insane amount of ass


Wanna watch children feast at the flesh of a bloody Sumerian deity? Of course you do!

The video which premiered at Noisey yesterday, begins with a message, or perhaps a warning. The Sumerians, one of the earliest human civilizations had a deep system of gods and beliefs. They knew things we do not. All gods that have come since are false. In just under five minutes, director Nader Sadek (with the assistance of dem Morbid boyz) weaves a story of creation, destruction, ritual, and horror. If you’ll permit me, I can try to describe the action.

Out in the void of the cosmos we see the monolithic Merkaba, the galaxy-roaming vehicle of a malevolent Sumerian deity hovering menacingly through the ether. Which deity? It’s difficult for me to ascertain; the Sumerians had 3600 deities in their pantheon of gods. Perhaps it is An, the supreme being? Sitting at a stark table, we watch in muted horror as an androgynous being performs a creation ritual. Their inky black hands dip golden statues into a bowl and summon pulsating incubation sacs. Children burst forth from the eggs and embrace their maker before feasting on the literal hands of the deity. The flesh around the maker’s face rots and gurgles. In a scene straight out of Hellraiser, chains burst forth and eviscerate the children. Alone again, the deity captures a child’s flesh and encapsulates it. Soon, the Merkaba transcends the galaxies and descends upon the Earth. Appearing before the Sumerians, the deity allows them to feast upon his or her limbs. With a quick motion for silence, the Merkaba bursts forth into the heavens and the Earth is destroyed in a ball of flames. Onboard the Merkaba, a woman appears to undergo the disfiguring process of deification.

The film, which exists ostensibly to promote “Garden of Disdain” from last year’s kick ass Kingdoms Disdained, is a rare gem of dark artistry in a medium that mostly serves as a laughingstock for denizens of this online Toilet. By embracing depictions of ancient Sumerian mythology, Nader Sadek matches the tone of Morbid Angel perfectly. By choosing to tell a story that defies easy explanation, the director has created a film that ratchets up the creepy factor while allowing the shocking visuals to shine through. “Garden of Disdain” recalls the painful rituals and bizarre imagery of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster cycle with the monolithic horror wordlessly expressed in last year’s surprise hit, The Void. It’s the best heavy metal music video I’ve seen since Portal‘s “Curtain”.

In short, this video kicks an insane amount of ass. Check it out!

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