Toilet Radio 119: #QAnon with Axeslasher TEASER


Here’s a sneak preview of the latest bonus episode of Toilet Radio available to Patreon supporters.

Professor Pizza of Axeslasher makes his triumphant return to Toilet Radio! Last year we spoke to the man about his band’s logo being picked up by the conspiracy weirdos behind #PizzaGate. This year we’re talking about the latest conspiracy taking the internet by storm, #QAnon! Where do all the charts and graphs lead? Is every celebrity a sex pest? Does Donald Trump have a rippling six-pack under his baggy suit? Did Hillary Clinton torture a child to death? All of these questions are explored on this thrilling episode! Check out a teaser of the show below, then go over to Patreon to listen to the full thing right now.

Pick up Axeslasher’s entire discography over at bandcamp for less than a buck. Also, if you dig hearing Professor Pizza’s sultry voice, you should def check out his brand new podcast – THE FILTH CHAMBER.


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