Kantorn – Metal är trevligt: A Video Breakdown


Ana ugglor i mossen

Sometimes it’s better not know. The air of mystery and wonder can usually lead to far greater realities than the truth. Such is the mystery of Kantorn, at least to an American audience. I know he is a Swedish actor and Youtube personality. That’s it, really. I have no idea why he made a music video for a song that translates to “Metal is nice”. It is Sweden after all and there is no shortage of heavy metal bands. We can certainly debate the niceties of the metal scene (or you could just look at the Facebook comments section any time we make fun of black metal), but for now, let’s all enjoy the video breakdown fun.



This is exactly how I tell the cashier at McDonald’s which Value Meal I want.


I appreciate him fully embracing the “Chemistry teacher that’s 2 years from retirement” look.


Every supportive parent that  simultaneously hates themselves for agreeing to buy their kid a drumset.


This is what Weedeater does instead of showering.


I suddenly feel the urge to buy albums from Svart Records.


Power Metal bedroom vibes.


Nobody expects SUNN O)))!


Your move, Manowar.


More Kantorn videos can be seen here.

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