New Music Roundup: Ufomammut, Sannhet, Shining and More


A bunch of cool new tunes came out yesterday. Read about them, or whatever.

Dudes. This new Ufomammut. A lot of people were turned off by the atmospheric turn of the Oro records’ long-form jams but if “Temple” is any indication, the Italian trio’s upcoming seventh album Ecate will brings the riffs of 2004’s Snailking and 2008’s Idolum in full force. Ecate comes out March 30th on Neurot. Pre-order this as soon as you can.

Sannhet’s Known Flood was a tasty slice of black-ish post-metal, like Emperor by way of Pelican. “Lost Crown,” the first track released from the upcoming Revisionist, left me a little cold. Michael Nelson’s accompanying writeup for Stereogum (rather erroneously) compared the song to Deafheaven or Alcest; in reality it sounded like a simplified cut off Known Flood, unfortunately. On the plus side, the album’s title track is now streaming (look up, ya dangus) and it sounds like a big step up. How will Revisionist ultimately measure up? You’ll have to wait until The Flenser releases it March 3rd. Pre-order it from them here if you like what you hear.

Terrorizer have the exclusive stream (lolbuttz) of a new Shining (the Swedish one, not the saxual Norwegian one) track, “Vilja & Dröm,” off the upcoming IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends, the band’s first since 2012’s Redefining Darkness. The song sounds very much like a throwback to the band’s more aggressive early material, right down to the numbering of the album title, a practice discontinued since 2011’s VII: Född förlorare. IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends comes out April 20th on Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.

In other news, Atlanta’s Royal Thunder have released a trailer for their upcoming second album Crooked Doors. Overall the tracks sound less heavy than those on their debut, CVI, but it may still be too early to tell. The album is available for pre-order from Relapse ahead of its release April 3rd, 6th or 7th. Staggered release dates are stupid.

Noisey has streams of two new songs from imaginary hardcore lifers Terveet Kädet. Like Napalm Death proved on their last album, getting old doesn’t have to mean getting soft. The Narnian legends (literally) sound pissed as ever on “Elämälle vieraita piirteitä” and “Ruuvikierre” (come on guys, we know this isn’t a real language) from the forthcoming Lapin Helvetti, out March 6th on Svart Records.

Finally, to close out on a high note, Stereogum has the exclusive stream of “By Virtuous Reclamation,” the first track released from Sarpanitum’s new album Blessed Be My Brothers, their first in nearly a decade. In his writeup, Doug Moore compares the song to later Morbid Angel, Nile, Hate Eternal and Vital Remains, but I must make one crucial caveat: this song won’t bore you to tears. The song sounds significantly less off-the-wall “technical” than previous Sarpanitum material, perhaps more in line with drummer Leon Macey’s main squeeze Mithras (no, Simon, we’re not getting a new album any time soon). The song’s a banger either way. Pre-order Blessed Be My Brothers from Willowtip here.

That’s it this time around. Did we miss anything worth our time? Let us know in the comments below.

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