Toilet Radio 219: The Top Rawk Songs of 2019


We’re nearing the end of the year which means it’s time to check out all the ROCK N’ ROLL music that is insanely popular with the rest of the world. We’re pretty tuned out from this kinda thing so to educate ourselves, we’re listening to the top 50 rock songs of the year according to YouTube. Who the hell is I Prevail? Why the FUCK does grandson exist? Why does your cousin listen to all of this shit? And which Five Finger Death Punch song took the top spot this year? It’s an interactive audio nightmare on this week’s episode and you’re all invited on a trip to hell with us. Highlights include: Green Day is massively underperforming / Did TOOL save rock music? / Weezer further ruining their legacy / Motley Crue continues their legacy of laziness / Joe loses metal cred by liking a Volbeat song / a discussion of It Might Get Loud, probably the worst music documentary any of us have ever seen.

Music featured on this episode:
V/A – A whole bunch of stuff you’ll never wanna hear again

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