TMP: Witchery, Shining, Pain of Salvation, and More!


There’s kind of a lot of news about older bands this week, and I am not even going to mention Metallica. Shit. I just mentioned them, didn’t I? No one say it two more times.

Punky hardcore band Code Orange are going on a tour with a rotating group of supporters.

Kreator released the title track of their new album, which will be out January 27. There’s some weird blurred nudity, fyi.

Here is a new Black Anvil song. The album will be out January 14.

Witchery released a new song last Friday with their new album set to be released this Friday.

Chicago black metal band FIN announced a new album for 2017. This artwork is sweet.


  • Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod needs a liver transplant, so a crowdfunding site has been created to accept donations to help pay for all them medical bills. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.
  • Pain of Salvation released a new single. I would just post the video, but it’s both only on Vevo (in my country) and slightly NSFW, so click at your own peril. I was assuming this band was just going to be an old dead favorite for me, but this album might change that.
  • Shining started a Patreon page. With more and more of these popping up, how likely are you to support one? I guess if the right band did it I would consider it, but that’s a very small group for me.
  • Psycho Las Vegas, which pretty much just ended, already announced a few bands for next year. Start planning that trip now, fans of Neurosis, Swans, Magma, Abbath, and a few more.
  • Overkill announced their 18th studio album, The Grinding Wheel, will be out February 10.
  • Brujeria are playing a bunch of shows across the southern part of the country early next year.
  • Hooded Menace announced a split with Algoma, and you can check out a little sample here.
  • Russian Circles have a whole bunch of European dates coming up.
  • Decibel is hosting a new song/video from sax black metal weirdos Aenaon.
  • Red Fang are hosting a coloring book contest? Now I’ve seen everything.
  • Experimental rock band Tub Ring exceeded their Kickstarter goal, and will now put some tracks on vinyl and a release new EP.

What did I miss this time?

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