News and New Music Hustle: Metalocalypse, Voivod, Intronaut, Nunslaughter, Satyricon, Saint Vitus, and More!


Stay hungry, my friends. There is much afoot. Some bad. Some good. It’s the way of the world.

When Adult Swim announced that they would not be renewing Metalocalypse for a fifth season, there was a great disturbance felt in the force, as if a million sweaty stoners and metalheads had cried out at once then suddenly went silent. Well thanks to the efforts of a steely band of online rebels using the moniker Metalocalypse Now, fans of Brendon Small’s animated misadventures may have found their voice once again. There’s currently a petition to get the final season of Metalocalypse picked up by Hulu (barf), as that company currently holds the rights for streaming Metalocalypse. If this is the sort of thing you care about, sign the petition here. You may want to move with haste though, Gears, because the countdown on looks like it will be reaching its climax soon. Rally and give your favorite animated band the proper burial they deserve.

In better news, our pals in hyperspace thrash band Voivod are about to go on tour! That’s awesome, but… most of the dates listed right now are in Europe. Boooo! Still, there is a ray of sunshine to be caught here. The band’s official website doesn’t show much past the European dates, but at least one date has been announced for early next year here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. What makes it even better is that they’ll be playing with wormhole thrash band Vektor and Rhode Island runners-up Churchburn. If you plan on being anywhere near the Ocean State next February, you should get out to Fete Music Hall to get your face melted.

I’ve seen a number of you frothing at the mouth over new Intronaut music, and for good reason. If the new track “Fast Worms” is any indication, this latest effort from the post/prog sludge band certainly doesn’t skimp on the heavy while still delivering that artistry that makes Intronaut so special. Thanks to one of you faceless Facebookers, I have more good news to report on this front. Some sweet pre-order deals are now available over at Indie Merch StoreThe Direction of Last Things will be out November 13 via Century Media.

And now for some news to bum you out. According to Facebook, it looks like Nunslaughter‘s Jim Konya’s health conditions are not improving. The band recently moved their equipment out of their rehearsal space as they continue to see no improvement in Konya’s condition. The relief concert for Konya was held on October 2nd, but I suspect it didn’t raise nearly enough to cover medical bills. Keep your eyes open for more ways to help.

For more sad news on the medical front, I learned today via KSOFM via Blabbermouth that Satyricon‘s frontman Satyr has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. To his credit, Satyr seems to be taking the news in stride, reporting that he’ll take some time off to recover before starting on new music. ToH is hoping for a full recovery.

Back to the good news! Scion A/V are releasing three live tracks from Saint Vitus recorded at the 2012 Scion Rock Fest! Limited vinyl EPs will be pressed and sold on the band’s upcoming tour dates with Weedeater and Sourvein, but if you lack patience and/or won’t be able to catch one of the few remaining dates, you can download the album via Soundcloud. If you can, though, try to go see the band live. They are a force!

Just a few last hits of good news to get you your fix:

  • Grindcore monsters Rot are streaming the Nowhere 7″ now on Soundcloud, courtesy of Absurd Records. Quick. Ugly. Perfect. Thanks Tyree!
  • Roshin recommends you all jam “Pale Explosions” from the upcoming The Moth Gatherer album The Earth Is the Sky via Agonia Records. I’m unfamiliar with this band, but I will tell you this is some beautiful sludge.
  • Swallow the Sun have released a new song from one of their three upcoming albums. “Heartstrings Shattering” is a pretty bleak and heartfelt piece. I’m super curious to see if they pull off the triple-release approach. North I, II, and III will be out on November 13th via Century Media. (h/t 365 Days o’ Horror)
  • Gonzo thrashers Nylithia have finally finished working on Hyperthrash! The album will be out on November 21st, and you can pre-order now!
  • Mollusca be praised. Toilet darlings Slugdge are finally giving us a chance to own all three albums in physical format. Even better news? You can get all three in one package for only 10 pounds! That’s about 15 bucks in real money. What a steal?!? (h/t Jack Bauerman 5000)

Stay on that grind, friends.



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