TMP: Moon Tooth, Body Count, Deicide, and More!


It’s Monday, which means I somehow managed to get off the couch after a weekend of MLB playoffs, football, presidential debates, and most importantly, Westworld! Get back into the workweek with some metal news.

Prog weirdos Thank You Scientist are touring with heavier prog weirdos Moon Tooth. I will sure as shit be at the December 1st show in New Haven. If you spot the Toilet ov Hell shirt, you get a free beer! Or maybe I should get the free beer. I’m not sure how this works.


Finnish prog/folk/melodic band Amorphis are touring the US with Swallow the Sun.


Dark Tranquility posted the second song off their upcoming album.

Want some spoopy industrial death noise? Steel Hook Prostheses have you covered. New album out October 28

Chicago-based doom band Cokegoat (we’re seriously reaching the end of the line of possible goat names) released a song off their album coming in November. I kinda dig it.

  • Polish black metal band Furia posted a bandcamp page for their upcoming album, which was entirely recorded in a coal mine. I think this was mentioned in a recent toilet-cast, but now you can pre-order it!
  • Protest the Hero are finally releasing their EP a year after the subscription service thing. I want this album, but $12 for an EP seems steep, no? Also the song they have streaming is super meh, so my enthusiasm levels are low.
  • The third track of Khemmis’ new album is out now. Stream all three here.
  • Ice-T’s Body Count is in the studio again.
  • Prosthetic Records is having a sale! Save 16.66% off their store using the promo code “Fall666” for the rest of the month.
  • Avenged Sevenfold’s logo is appearing all over for mysterious “Marketing Ploy” reasons. I wonder if M. Shadows is behind this fucking clown epidemic as well.
  • Deicide posted “Drums are done…..” on their facebook page. Sounds ambiguous. I wonder what it means.
  • A Sound of Thunder has a Kickstarter for a covers album that ends TODAY! Hurry up and fund it because they are only releasing it to the backers.
  • I swear I saw some news about Ash Borer earlier in the week, but now can’t seem to find anything. Can someone remind me what the news was?
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