Toilet Radio 236: Up the Hammers CANCELLED feat. Throne of Iron


Uhhhh we didn’t really want to talk about COVID-19 but this shit is really gumming up all the works. This week we’re joined by Tucker from Throne of Iron (and Thorr-Axe and Crowtein) to hear his tale of trying to play Up the Hammers festival in Greece as the borders get shuttered. It’s fucked! We’re also talking about getting swole at home and some solid advice for bands feeling the crunch of show cancellations. Got questions for Tucker about promoting your band? You can email him at Interview starts at 41:50. Aside from that, me and Jordo are talking about the various other insane happenings of the world. God help us all. And send a kind word to Matt from Slugdge who is stuck in quarantine at the moment.

Music featured on this show:
Throne of Iron Dark Shrine of Rituals

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