News And New Music Roundup: Gorguts, BTBAM, Swallow The Sun, Void King And More!


A list of things to get disappointed over.

Did you hear the news about Swallow The Sun releasing an album in November? Scrap that, they ain’t. They’re going to release three (!) albums in November. Songs From The North I, II & III will be their names, The first will be a “traditional” StS album, which in this case can either mean a melodic death/doom album or something continuing in the goth/prog -influenced vein of their latter works (which is where my bet is). The second will be a funeral doom album (HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH!) and the third will contain atmospheric music performed acoustically.

Century Media will release them all. Ease your pain with their cover of Timo Rautianen & Trio Niskalaukaus’ “Alavilla Mailla”; don’t worry they did it in English.


Gorguts is going to release a new, currently unnamed, album in spring 2016. According to Luc Lemay it will be a one-track album. I don’t quite know what to make of this. One-track albums are best known to be made by self-indulgent “prog” -bands, the outcome is usually overbloated and severely lacking in content at the same time. Many of these bands, like Dream Theater, actually seem to use the “one long song” shtick as a distraction, an excuse for exercising narcissistic self-fondling.

On the other hand, bands like Deathspell Omega have pulled many longer songs off fine. Though it must be kept in mind that apart from their la(te)st album – Paracletus – the band never dabbled in songs covering the whole album-length, and even that was never officially confirmed to be a suite, ’tis merely the feeling the listener gets.

But I do recall a good, nearly an hour-long song. The debut album of Wyrd -the work of one man, no less – was a well made song. It kept using the same motifs, altering them little by little, right before introducing a new part. And it worked.

But I was supposed to talk about Gorguts and their upcoming album. I’ll say this much: I have confidence in their abilities, but at the same time I suspect their particular style of composition might not be able to pull the weight of the  song, especially if they choose to go the hour-long route instead of, say, 30-40 minutes. Now, let’s watch their whole set from a gig at Saint Vitus on Dec 21st, 2013 and argue whether this is a good thing or not.

Oh, and I love this idea and one-track albums in general.



  • Agonia Records has hinted at the possibility of upcoming albums from both, Varathron and Aosoth so keep your eyes open. CVLT Nation also premiered a new song by VI, consisting of members from Antaeus and Aosoth. I kinda wish the new Aosoth would be saved for later next year so this VI album could be given a better chance because it damn right deserves it, and more (another track here).
  • Void King released a new video for a song from their Zep Tepi EP, released earlier this year. “Raise The Flags on Fire” is pretty dope.[h/t Dagon]

  • On the day that became known as Ian Gillan’s 70th birthday, Tähtiportti announced that on the tenth anniversary of Robert Moog’s passing they would start recording the human noises of their sophomore album, Eetterimessu
  • Destroyer 666 has finished recording their new album.
  • On Oct 27th, Horrendous will release their third album – Anareta. See the cover art and track listing here.
  • Between The Buried And Me has announced a tour with Enslaved, Intronaut and Native Construct. Quite the package, if I may say so. See here for dates.
  • A band called Naked (BC) announced that it is going to embark on a tour with ZVI (BC) – who is none other than Ron Varod of Kayo Dot. The dates are yours to see below. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss this.


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