Getting Laid at Bandcamp XI


Welcome back to camp you Void dwellers.

Getting Laid at Bandcamp has been a weekly post ov mine which I am very fortunate to have thanks to Joe and every one else that makes this incredible site possible. My post is about sharing underground bands that I’ve dug deep out ov the dark abyss ov Bandcamp. When my write-up is posted the bands that you see are bands that I just found out about and have only listened to within a week or two; sometimes less than that.

I work 5 days a week full-time, I do freelance work on the side, plus I have a band that is going on a tour very soon that I need to prepare for. When I have time after work I sit down and go through hundreds ov bands and artists on Bandcamp for TOH and myself. This takes hours and hours to do until I find five artists that I think are worthy for my post. After I accumulate the bands that I want to post for Getting Laid at Bandcamp I have to listen to each album/EP/Demo multiple times and then write about each release. This is an immense amount ov time and effort for me which is layered upon all my other shit that is cvnting life.

Ok, I’ll stop blabbering on here and get to the point. I will continue to do this post but it can’t be on a weekly basis any more. This post will have to be every other week or every month. I would enjoy nothing more then to spend most ov my time digging for great bands and artists to share with you (some ov you) all, but life is chaos right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this post on a weekly basis again but right now it is unrealistic for me.

Enough about by boring cvnting self. Let us get to the blackened chaos and death!




SvartidauðiVenus Illegitima (2014)  Kopavogur, Iceland

“Venus Illegitima” is the first released track off ov Svartidauði’s latest EP The Synthesis of Whore and Beast which was released April 30th. “Venus Illegitima” starts out with ferocious drums while the guitars play a very eerie and dissonant overlay that adds a very unsettling atmosphere that bends the mind into a schizophrenic state ov blissful angst. The build up to this song is bone chilling and grueling which leads into mid-tempo blast beats and dissonant guitar riffs that are absolutely sinister sounding. The dissonant yet melodic guitar riffs are backed by creative and heavy drumming through out the song which adds a very intriguing texture. “Venus Illegitima” flows incredibly well for as chaotic as it is, which is a result ov great song writing and musicianship. Svartidauði are a band that you need to listen to if you are a fan ov Deathspell Omega. If you have not heard Svartidauði’s fulllength album Flesh Cathedral from 2012 I highly recommend listening to it.


AndhordPleroma of Uncreation (2014) Seville, Andalusia

Riffs ov hellish brilliance are provided in this blasphemous EP. Andhord are masters at delivering mean black metal brutality while also bringing the unsettling discordance. It’s this sick combination that really draws me into Andhord’s style. Andhord’s brand ov black metal is nothing breakthrough, but they craft their blasphemous art very well by adding captivating riffs, tight playing, and great production value. Pleroma of Uncreation is remarkably polished! I know a lot ov you TovH readers out there are not into a lot ov black metal because ov the raw production value but I think Andhord will interest some ov you lifelovers into joining the Void. If the first song Cauldrons of Sabbath” does not sent chills down your spine then I guess I have a back problem that I need to go get checked out.


Devouring StarS/T  (2014) Finland

This is one ov the best demo releases I’ve heard this year along side demos by both Qrixkuor and Ruine. According to the all so fucking reliable Metal-Archives there are no members in this band so my first thought was maybe the band wanted to keep their identities anonymous. I looked deeper and found that Devouring Star is a one man project, although I could not find a name ov the artist. Devouring Star is black metal with a twist. There is some Portal and Gorguts influence deep within Devouring Star’s black-metal formula that can be especially heard in the second song “Todestrieb”. The riffs are chaotic and the pronounced bass guitar has a twangy sound to it which almost comes off as jazzy at times. The drums are very prominent and thick especially during the the blastbeat sections. The vocals are mean-hateful sounding barks and screams that are terrifyingly brilliant. This demo may interest some ov you readers with a more experimental taste in brutality.

Devouring Star coincidentally posted a new song the day after I wrote this. Check it out and be damned!


Harvest GulgalthaNecrosophic (2014) U.S.A.

Blackened death metal that is as heavy as Satan’s Hell-Hammer hammering you deep into the Void. Necrosophic is a compilation album ov all 3 EP’s that Harvest Gulgaltha were set to release in 2013. This is a mid-paced blackened death metal album with elements ov murky doom and filth. The band puzzles heavy crushing death metal with mesmerizing and eerie doom sections that add an interesting yet dismal feeling ov dread. Necrosophic is certainly a punishing a filthy listen that goes deep into the Void where the black hate-filled tar lays beneath the decaying abyss. The vocals blend low growls and high pitched screams ov grim hate. The growls remind me ov Luc Lemay while the higher pitched screams remind me ov the disgusting style of Jo Gonzales (from doom band Oak). The production works for Harvest Gulgaltha’s style ov death metal in a sense that it’s murky but also clear. Everything can be heard in the mix fairly well, but the famous Incantation sound is very much present which adds that precious filthy grimness. I have a feeling our good pal Howard Dean will enjoy these guys.


MystruinGånget äro ljuset (2014) Stockholm, Sweden

Mystruin are a Swedish underground black metal band that crush all that is holy into angel dust which is ingested by the unholy and savage dwellers of the Void. This is unholy fuel for us. We need this unholy angel dust to keep our grim and hateful crusade ov destruction on going. Gånget äro ljuset is a ferocious onslaught ov unholy savagery. The guitars are buzzed out and sinister while the drums are unrelenting and yet also occasionally technical. The vocals are savage and primal while mixing satanic shouting and mournful screams. Gånget äro ljuset brings the pulverizing crush while also delivering a mournful doomy component that evens the album out quite nicely. This is not for lifelovers.

Stay Void and feed on the Unholy Angel Dust!!! Venom fucking rules you lifelovers!

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