Tech Death Thursday: Unbreakable Hatred


Make peace with your gods, fools; Unbreakable Hatred are going to snap you in two. This is Tech Death Thursday.

First, some news:

– Abhorrent have a new album coming out November 20th. Check out “Ifrit” from Intransigence right here.

– Brutal tech-deathers Cerebric Turmoil have posted a song from Neural Net Meltdown, out November 13th. Brace for weird.

– Somehow, I missed the release of Atlas Entity‘s new EP last week. If you like your death with a side of prog, check out Enceladus right here.

– Theory In Practice dropped a two-song EP earlier this week entitled Evolving Transhumanism. Check it out on Youtube here and here, because I’m not linking to goddamned iTunes.

– Nile have released a new song! Check out “Evil to Cast Out Evil,” and look for What Should Not Be Unearthed on August 28th.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I didn’t care for Unbreakable Hatred’s debut, Total Chaos. It was very by-the-numbers death metal with the occasional solo and sweep fill. The riffs weren’t anything you hadn’t heard a hundred times before, the solos lacked voice, and even the vocals weren’t backed by much power. It was a wholly forgettable experience, and though there were hints of something greater there, I honestly didn’t expect much more from the band.

So why am I choosing to feature them? Because Ruins, their second album, is a complete turnaround from Total Chaos. The band has grown tremendously in the four years between the two albums, honing their craft and shaping their sound. Everything has shown improvement; the drums are far tighter than they were on Chaos and the beats are way more creative. The riffs here have a pummeling Dying Fetus quality to them, and the technical elements have been integrated into the riffs themselves in a much more gratifying manner than simply bookending phrases. The title track (posted above) and its follow-up, “Unpredictable Brutality,” are the best examples of this new fully-formed sound.

Ruins is an immensely satisfying new step for Unbreakable Hatred, and moreover, it’s a damned fine death metal record. Stream it here and look for it on August 21st.

That’s all for this week, and remember:

Stay Tech

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